Looking Younger Than Your Age May Be a Sign of Intelligence, According to Research


Our biological age quite seldom matches in with how we really feel. There are so many contributing factors that make us look older or younger, including stress, financial status, everyday habits and intellect as one study indicates. The theory is that, in later years, a high IQ will gradually make us feel and look younger than our actual age. But how can you?

How you feel about your age is what really counts.

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The research is quite interesting and it started back in 1957. Researchers then assessed IQ in high school graduates, and then asked about their “true age” from 1992 to 1993 and when they were 71 in 2011. The result was that higher-intelligence people feel younger than their actual age.

Yet how does one ‘s inner age impact their appearance if it is based on feelings? Think about it: getting older and less physically competent than we are, will make us feel sad and vulnerable to disease. The younger we look, the more we are involved in doing and the more enthusiastic we are about life.

Intelligent people are more open to experiences.


Our sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around us is in many ways what makes us feel youthful at any age. Intelligent people are more likely to visit new countries and try new things, as they are more aware of the possibilities that await them. Travelling lets us remain healthy and full of strength. We can all understand that going off on another adventure sounds much better than on another Saturday night lying on the sofa.

It’s about building healthy habits.

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What we eat at the end of the day, and how we look after our bodies, is what should matter the most. And sticking to a balanced lifestyle really takes a big commitment.

Smart people know that the body can suffer repercussions as a result of poor choices that can inspire them to take care of themselves, while a person of lower intelligence may know it only at the surface level. Therefore it is worth learning more about the body and what is detrimental to it. It can be terrifying but in the long run, it pays off.

Intelligence can bring money, which comes with perks.

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Effective education also leads to higher-paying jobs and money matters. Those with incomes higher than average have access to better medical services, from time to time they can splurge on beauty treatments, consume more quality foods, they travel — you get the idea. In our later years, this little bit of extra treatment will make a huge difference.

Smart people have an easier time dealing with stress.

Stress is the greatest villain in our youth struggle, as it literally accelerates cellular ageing. People with a high IQ are more able to prioritize their problems, which makes them focus on solving one thing rather than worrying all at once. They are prepared for the demands of older age and they feel less vulnerable to transition.

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Have you ever focused on your inner age? If you were able to change something in your past that would influence how old you later feel, what would it be?

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