Mom-of-two Lost Family And All Her Friends After Starting OnlyFans But Has Become A Millionaire


After joining OnlyFans, a woman claims she lost her family and friends. For the past four years, Perth, Australia resident Lucy Banks has used the subscription platform, and she can attest to its enormous success. The mother of two has been making money since opening her account, earning a millionaire in that period. Which isn’t bad at all.

Lucy Banks: Despite becoming wealthy, Lucy reports that not everyone has embraced her decision.

She admitted to Mama Mia that she and a few members of her family and friends had had a falling out over her decision to join the po*n*graphic website.

“Everyone in my small town knew I participated in OnlyFans,” the author said. “Sticky beaks were in high demand,” the woman claimed.

“I had a falling out with all of my friends. I felt awful, but another part of me stepped in and said, “You haven’t done anything to those people personally.” You remain the same as before.

According to Lucy, she decided to leap to take care of her young children.

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“I’m trying to build a future for my boys, and that kept me going,” she said. And by providing a “girlfriend experience,” she may make up to $3,000 each day with a few hundred users to her account.

Compared to the $60 she had in her bank account before setting up her OF, this is a significant increase. “Initially, people were just shocked,” she added.

It’s been good to just live my life without the severe criticism I used to receive, even though it was the biggest problem in the world.

Lucy had recently ended a marriage and was tired of having to work every hour that God provided her to make ends meet when she decided to move to OnlyFans.

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She decided to try it after asking one of her friends who was using the site about it.

There were occasions when I had trouble paying my rent. I occasionally have to use payment plans to cover my academic expenses, she admitted to Body+Soul.

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I asked a girlfriend who was participating in OnlyFans if it was worth the hype because I had been working extremely long hours in the corporate banking sector and I simply needed to find something where I could be available for my kids when they needed me.

Lucy now has a stable financial situation, owns several homes, and can afford to enrol her children in a reputable school.