Malaika Arora Gives A Badass Reply To People Who Trolled Her For The Infamous “Duck Walk”


One of B-town’s sexiest divas is Malaika Arora. The glitzy Malaika Arora knows how to rule her fans’ hearts, whether it is through her mesmerising dancing routines or her mesmerising personality.

She is spectacular and attractive, as well as hot. She always has everyone’s attention no matter what she does. She may be 49 years old, but she is still one of the nation’s fittest divas and can compete with anyone. Malaika and ‘fashion’ go together like peanut butter and jelly. Every time she exits the room, she never fails to turn heads.

Malaika’s ‘duck walk’ videos never fail to go viral on the internet

Malaika Arora duckwalk

But maintaining a hot body and a hot figure is difficult. It requires a tremendous amount of commitment and effort. She is a fitness enthusiast and takes her health very seriously. While all admire her for her commitment to fitness and healthy living, she is frequently ridiculed for her “duck walk”.

Malaika receives abuse for her “duck walk” every time she visits the gym because of how she moves. Her “duck walk” videos consistently become online sensations.

The Diva, however, is not bothered by the trolls and viciously responds to them.

Malaika Arora gave a perfect reply to her trolls

Yes, Malaika Arora joked about everything during her debut stand-up comedy performance, from her breakup with ex-husband Arbaaz Khan to her age difference from her current boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. She also discussed her iconic “duck walk,” for which she frequently receives trolls. Malaika responded to her detractors and trolls by saying:

If I have a tight b**t where I can serve a seven-course meal, why shouldn’t I walk like a duck?” she added. “In fact, because I don’t care a d**k, I can walk like a duck, cat, or cheetah.”

Well, she is a total badass!

She also talked about how she was able to dance to her famous song, Chaiyya Chaiyya, while on a moving train during her stand-up comedy routine. Malaika said, speaking sarcastically about the same thing:

“I danced on that train and a lot of people asked me, how come you were so comfortable about dancing on that train? How is that even possible? That is because this girl is a Thane girl. Mi Thane chi mulgi aahe! And let me tell you, once you’re central-lined, you can get on top of any

Malaika Arora Duckwalk

She added:

“Although I just want to say in the end that I can still learn to try and do stand-up, but I don’t think any stand-up comic is getting on top of a moving train and dancing anytime soon” tra

Through her stand-up comedy performance, Malaika Arora’s fans really got to see a different side of her.

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