Meet Maya Tata, Ratan Tata’s Youngest Niece Who Stays Away From Limelight


The Tata family’s younger members are rarely visible in the media and often work within the organisation while having low-profile lives. Ratan Tata recently hired three Tata siblings at the Tata Medical Center Trust, though. These Tata Group successors were given prominence by this momentous step. Maya Tata, 34, is the youngest successor of them all.

Who will be Ratan Tata’s successor?

After controlling one of India’s biggest and most prosperous conglomerates for decades, Ratan Tata declared his intention to stand down. Who could possibly succeed a figure like Tata? Around then, people considered Noel Tata, Ratan Tata’s younger half-brother, to be a candidate.

He has a striking family resemblance in addition to sharing the same name. But, Ratan Tata did not think Noel was qualified to succeed him. In an interview from 2011, he claimed that Noel wasn’t prepared to take on the job and that he ought to have been given “more authority than he has had”.

Who is Maya Tata?

She is the youngest of Noel Tata’s three children. They have all been employed by the Tata Group in various capacities. According to sources, Maya completed her schooling at the University of Warwick and the Bayes Business School in the UK. Her mother is Pallonji Mistry’s late millionaire daughter Aloo Mistry, who is also the sister of former Tata Group Chairman Cyrus Mistry.

Leah and Neville Tata are Maya Tata’s siblings. According to rumours, Ratan Tata gave his approval for all three of them to join the board and is reportedly guiding their development. They are in charge of the multi-billion dollar company that produces everything from salt to software.

Maya Tata began her career with Tata Opportunities Fund

Prior to its closure, Tata Capital, a unit of the Tata Group, had the oldest private equity fund. Maya used to oversee investor communications and portfolio management at the fund, according to reports in the Economic Times.

She was forced to switch teams and join Tata Digital due to the abrupt liquidation of the fund. the organisation with a budget of Rs. 1 billion set aside by the N Chandrasekaran-led group. According to reports, Maya’s father Noel Tata wished for her to continue travelling with the group. Tata Digital’s division introduced the Tata Neu app while she worked there.

Apparently, Maya has “great interest” in “new age analytics and technology,” according to ET reports from a source close to the Company. She is one of the six board members of the Tata Medical Centre Trust, which oversees a cancer hospital in Kolkata that Ratan Tata personally opened in 2011.