Mega Pyramid Tycoon Codes For 21 March 2024


Mega Pyramid Tycoon Codes: Constructing the most impressive pyramid in Mega Pyramid Tycoon can be quite expensive. However, players have the opportunity to gain an advantage by using Mega Pyramid Tycoon codes. These codes provide in-game currency and gems, offering significant benefits, especially for newcomers to the game.

List of Working Mega Pyramid Tycoon Codes

– 55KLIKES: This code will give you x3000 cash and x25 gems.

– CHRISTMAS23: Redeeming this code will grant you x7000 cash and x50 gems.

– DIZZY: With this code, you’ll receive x50000 cash and x350 gems.

– FREECASH: Enter this code to receive x3000 cash.

– MEMBER: Redeem this code for x3000 cash.

– Join Gamelabs Studios Roblox group: Joining this group will reward you with $400 cash and an OP Group Dropper.

It’s crucial to remember that some codes, like 45KLIKES TWEET, have expired and are no longer valid.

How to Redeem Mega Pyramid Tycoon Codes

Follow these steps to redeem Mega Pyramid Tycoon codes:

  1. Open the Shop by clicking on the basket icon at the bottom of the user interface.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Shop menu.
  3. Enter the code exactly as it appears on the list, ensuring correct capitalization and spelling.
  4. Click the Redeem button to enjoy your gifts!

Staying Updated on Mega Pyramid Tycoon Codes

To stay informed about future Mega Pyramid Tycoon codes, consider the following methods:

  • Regularly check our page for updates.
  • Join Gamelabs Studios Roblox group.
  • Follow the game on Twitter.
  • Join the official Discord server.

If you encounter issues with the codes, ensure that you enter them correctly, matching the capitalization and spelling provided on our list.

Earning Free Rewards in Mega Pyramid Tycoon

Besides using codes, there are additional ways to earn free rewards in Mega Pyramid Tycoon:

  1. Timer and Chest: Every 24 hours, receive a key to unlock a chest for rewards.
  2. Playtime Rewards: The longer you play, the more gifts you accumulate.

Mega Pyramid Tycoon is a game where you generate cash by selling gold, similar to Energy Drink Tycoon. In this game, you build and upgrade a pyramid, making it taller and wider. Enhance it with lighting and decorations to attract more customers.

In summary, Mega Pyramid Tycoon codes provide players with in-game cash and gems, offering a boost in constructing the ultimate pyramid. By following the steps to redeem codes and staying updated on new codes, you can enhance your gaming experience and unlock exciting rewards.


Q: Are there other ways to earn free rewards in Mega Pyramid Tycoon?

A: Yes, besides using codes, you can earn free rewards by collecting keys and playing the game for longer durations.

Q: Can I use expired codes in Mega Pyramid Tycoon?

A: No, expired codes are no longer valid and cannot be redeemed for rewards.

Q: What is the objective of Mega Pyramid Tycoon?

A: The objective of Mega Pyramid Tycoon is to build and upgrade a pyramid, attracting customers and generating cash by selling gold.