Men Reveal Why They Find Curvier Women Especially Gorgeous


Men adore plus-size women and are happy to disclose their reasons for liking them on social media. And it appears that curvaceous women’s bodies aren’t the only thing that attracts them.

1. Eating becomes a pleasurable experience when you’re a curvaceous girl.

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“Eating is one of life’s great pleasures,” one man said. It’s one of the most romantic things you can do on a date. It’s one of the best post-marriage relationship activities.” Diets are required from time to time if remaining healthy is a priority, but they do not have to be a life goal, according to him.

2. They are fantastic huggers.

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Snuggles are a unique feature. Many guys enjoy cuddling with their sweethearts, and curvaceous girls have an edge in this regard. “I like bigger women for the same reason I like my body cushion to my regular pillow,” one man explained.

3. Positivity is in their blood.

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Men never get bored around a curvaceous women because of their lively, fun, kind, yet complex personality. Their chatty personality ensures that there is never a boring time in their relationship. This appears to be what distinguishes them.

4. Men are enamoured with their bodies.

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Curvier women are physically appealing to men. This is due to the fact that their figure embodies everything they’ve ever desired in a woman. Thighs, hips, and everything in between! Their characteristics are appealing and intriguing to them.

5. They are more self-assured and have excellent coping skills.

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Men have identified two key characteristics in curvaceous women that they admire. The first is the ability to cope. They learned how to handle difficult situations. They gained confidence and learned to accept themselves for who they are as a result of these experiences.

6. They’re caring.

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Plus-size women, on the whole, are fantastic caregivers. Because women put others before themselves, men regard them as more kind and loving. Furthermore, it has been discovered that curvaceous girls want to spend more time with their boyfriends. This means they enjoy even the simplest activities with each other, such as cooking, playing, laughing, and having lengthy and deep talks.

To what extent do you agree with the preceding statements? Do you know of any more characteristics that distinguish plus-size women?