Mia Khalifa’s Interview: Talks About Life After A Movies, Says It Feels People Can See Through Clothes

Mia Khalifa's Interview, Industry, life, google search, clithes

Mia Khalifa appears to be one of the most searched on the Internet given the fact that she has long since left the A industry. She shocked us that she did not make a fortune when she worked three months in the A cinema business. According to her account, she has only earned $12,000 in three months, and since leaving the industry it is difficult to lead a normal life.

When asked why she opted for the A film industry, she kept her poor self-esteem responsible for it. She liked to receive compliments and so wanted it to continue. When a video showing her appearance in a hijab appeared online, things didn’t go the way she expected and then turned nasty. This upset many people, especially from countries in Lebanon and the Middle East. Even ISIS began to threaten her and in the end, she decided to leave the A industry.

Mia Khalifa's Interview, Industry, life, google search, clithes

She said the hijab scene was the turning point in her life; on Twitter, she was all about the news and trending. In some Muslim countries, she was barred and, as a Catholic, she felt poor. She wasn’t concerned about ISIS as per Mia, and it wasn’t terror but a shame that she had been dealing with.

She also spoke of the influence of her A short film career on her life even after bidding goodbye to it.

It has been very difficult for her to get a regular job and it still affects her life and privacy.

Mia Khalifa's Interview, Industry, life, google search, clithes

Whenever she goes out in public she gets nervous because of the way people look at her and she thinks they can see her clothes though. She feels embarrassed because it seems she has lost her privacy rights because she is quickly searchable on Google, due to her stint.

Mia Khalifa was born in Lebanon in 1993, she moved to the United States of America in 2001, and she began working in the adult film industry in 2014. She said she had weight problems in her childhood and she never felt worthy of having men’s attention. Yet when she began her college’s first year, she lost weight by making gradual adjustments and became a completely different person by the time her college became complete.