Mokshita Raghav Web Series Watch Online October 2023


Mokshita Raghav Web Series 2023: In India, Mokshita Raghav is a well-known actress. She has largely worked on web series. She primarily utilises the Kooku and Ullu apps. Her well-known web series is Atithi in House. The top web series by Mokshita Raghav are listed below.

Mokshita Raghav Web Series List October 2023

1. Prabha ki Diary Season 2 The Housewife (2021) Ullu Web Series

The first web series of Mokshita with the ullu app is “Prabha ki diary season 2 The Wife.” In this online television programme, she portrayed Raina.

This is the tale of a depressed director of a movie. His friend hires his girlfriend as a housekeeper for the director. The director proposes to Raina after realising their growing love for one another. To find out what happens next, watch Prabha ki Diary Season 2, The Housewife, exclusively on the ullu app.

Mokshita Raghav Web Series list 2023

2. Atithi in House Kooku Web Series

The best online series created by Mokshita to date is Atithi in House. This web series has 5 episodes thus far. This online series is one of the Kooku app’s top web series.

Mokshita Raghav Web Series

This is the tale of a family’s residence. This home has a spare room that the family uses to host paid visitors. Many paid visitors to this property have various stories to tell. Every chapter of “Atithi in House” recalls the tale of a different paying customer. On the Kooku app, you may access all of the episodes.