This ‘World’s Youngest Billionaire’ Owns A Bentley And Flies The World In Private Jet


He had his first mansion at just six years old. Mustapha Muhammed Awal nicked Mompha Junior is a baby influencer who has approximately 27K Instagram followers and flaunts his opulent lifestyle. His Instagram photos frequently show him eating gourmet meals while riding in a private plane and perched atop a cream Bentley, which his father Mompha Snr is said to have purchased as his first car.

ompha Junior, 9, from Lagos in Nigeria, received his first mansion when he was just six.

Interestingly, the beautiful youngster has many properties and is now thought to be the world’s youngest billionaire at the age of nine. Mompha, a Lagos native, purportedly owns a fleet of supercars and had his first residence when he was six years old. On Instagram, he was wearing a luxury attire in one of his images. “Feeling Like A Boss,” the caption read.

Mompha, whose real name is Muhammed Awal Mustapha, is now a baby influencer with nearly 27K followers on Instagram.

The adorable lad who flies in a private jet has been given a Bentley as a “first car” by his multimillionaire dad.

Mompha Jnr is frequently photographed in front of supercars, revealing glimpses into his lavish lifestyle in Lagos and Dubai. Ismailia Mustapha, a multimillionaire Nigerian celebrity known by the moniker Mompha Snr, is his father. He also has a large Instagram following because he is known for flaunting his opulent lifestyle, particularly how he spoils his children.

Mompha Jnr is often seen standing in front of supercars, giving a glimpse into his lavish lifestyle.

His dad, Mompha Snr, had featured him and his little sister Fatima dressed head to toe in Versace.

Mompha Junior and his younger sister Fatima were clothed head to toe in Versace in one of his Instagram images, with the remark “Expensive Little Kids.” In another, he gushed over Fatima, who was shown wearing a Fendi T-shirt and shoes while celebrating her third birthday. “Every single day since you were born, you’ve added something great to my life,” he had written. Without you, I can’t picture my life.

With a whopping follower on Instagram, Mompha Snr often shows off how he spoils his kids.

Other photos show Mompha hanging out in luxury hotels, plush cars, and rolling around in banknotes.

In his tweets on the network, Mompha Snr praises his wife, whom he refers to as “Cash Madam.” Other photographs show him lounging at high-end hotels, driving luxurious automobiles, and rolling about in cash. In one of his posts, he stated that his son Mompha Jnr should be praised for his accomplishments, claiming that the 9-year-old has paid all of his debts.

It’s thought the millionaire bought Mompha Jr his first mansion for his sixth birthday in 2019.

Mompha Snr made his millions from a bureau de change business in Lagos before venturing into investments.

Before turning into investments, Mompha Snr had made his fortune in a Lagos bureau de change. According to reports, he is now facing criminal accusations for allegedly laundering more than £10 million. Mompha was re-arrested earlier this month for laundering money through illegal operations, according to local media, and will face trial alongside his firm, Ismalob Global Investment Limited, on 22 accusations brought against him by Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

However, it’s reported he now faces criminal charges and is accused of laundering more than £10 million.

Earlier this month, Mompha was re-arrested for laundering money through unlawful activities.