From Rs 40 Cr House To Luxury Cars, Here Are 5 Most Expensive Things Deepika Padukone Owns

Photo: © BCCL (Main Image)

Deepika Padukone, a Bollywood actress, has enjoyed immense success in the industry since her debut in Shah Rukh Khan’s Om Shaanti Om film.

With so much skill, the Gehraiyaan and 83 actress has cemented her spot in Bollywood by starring in blockbuster films and making a shitload of money.

© Instagram/Deepika Padukone

Naturally, with that amount of money, Deepika has acquired herself a lot of expensive stuff, some of which are mentioned below, indicating she is definitely enjoying the life of a Queen:

A Beaumonde Towers Apartment (Rs. 40 Cr)


Deepika Padukone went all out when she bought an apartment in the opulent Beaumonde Towers in Mumbai’s Prabhadevi neighbourhood.

The opulent flat, which is said to be worth roughly Rs 40 crore, is placed on the complex’s 26th floor. It provides a spectacular view of Mumbai, which she enjoys with her husband, actor Ranveer Singh.

Mercedes Maybach S500 (Rs. 1.67 Cr)

© Facebook/Big Boy Toyz

Deepika has a large collection of expensive cars, just like any other Bollywood actress, and the Mercedes Maybach S500 is undoubtedly one of them.

Deepika is one of the few Bollywood actresses who has the car in the dazzling black colour, which she paid a hefty 1.67 crore rupees for.

Cozihome Apartment (Rs. 7 Cr)

© Instagram/Deepika Padukone

Deepika is said to have purchased the condo during her early professional years.

The condo, which is located in Mumbai’s upmarket Bandra neighbourhood, costs roughly Rs 7 crores, and Deepika is said to have rented it for Rs 2 lakhs per month.

Isn’t that insane?

Audi A8 L (Rs. 1.58 Cr)

© Audi

Deepika is also the proud owner of an Audi A8 L, which she reportedly purchased after selling her earlier Audi Q7.

The car, which cost roughly 1.58 crore rupees, is also owned by celebrities such as Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, and others.

Fancy Handbags (In Lakhs)


Deepika is said to be a major fan of high-end handbags, with a Chanel Deauville costing roughly Rs. 3 lakh among her collection.

Aside from that, she has a Celine Phantom bag for roughly Rs 5 lakhs, and her Gucci bags are each worth around Rs 10 lakhs.

You have to confess it! Bollywood has its advantages!