8 Most Illogical Scenes From Bollywood Movies! No. 3 Is Very Funny


As we all grew up watching Bollywood movies, it certainly left us with a significant impression. After watching a movie, sometimes we had cried a lot and sometimes we laugh. With their insane reasoning and theories, Bollywood does not disappoint us. The list of most ridiculous yet funny logics for Bollywood movies is to explore some of the most insane moments here.

1. 3 Idiots

No doubt about it that a master-peace is a 3 fool. But there is one scene beyond the reasoning. There is the fear of the baby not breathing or making a sound when Mona Singh’s character gives birth and Rancho performs the delivery and the baby is born. Yet the baby comes to life at a moment using the tagline ‘All Is Good’. This is foolish, isn’t it?

2. Clerk

The Clerk is a completely ridiculous ideological film. There’s an honest clerk in this movie, Bharat, who, along with his family, faces immense poverty. Ashok Kumar has a heart attack and Bharat, the character of Manoj Kumar, has the perfect solution. The home remedy, instead of calling a doctor, is to play a patriotic song and Ashok Kumar began dancing. Suddenly, after a traumatic heart attack, you see Ashok Kumar enjoying his life. There appears to be no prerequisite for a physician.

3. Rowdy Rathore

Rowdy Rathore is the next movie added to this list. Akshay Kumar plays the role of Vikram Rathore’s Shiva and DIG. Rathore gets struck by a car and his brain gets serious damage from this over-the-top action-comedy. He is told by the doctor that the brain damage is serious enough to put his life at risk. When he is engaged in different fights, the injury gets worse, but when the water is poured on his head, the injury somehow appears to disappear entirely.

4. Diya Aur Toofan

If the fact that the writers carried on with the reasoning and said the whole premise of it is beyond hilarious was not bad enough for this movie. Asha injures herself badly and gets major head injuries when Mithun’s character is killed and listening to the depressing news. Suresh Oberoi, the genius, takes out the immerse brain that is the size of a tiny packet of lays, places it in a microwave that looks like fries and transplanted it to her body to revive Asha and now she is actually fine and behaving like Amar. Every limit of ignorance has been reached by this scene.

5. Dhishoom

Indian action comedy DHISHOOM that revolves around two Special Task Force officers and the world of match-fixing. Sakib Salim’s character, Viraj Sharma dislocates his shoulder and evidently cannot play the match. But, there is always a solution guy. Crack your shoulder as hard as you can on a concrete wall and you can play cricket like Virat Kohli.

6. Bhooka Sher

Bhoka Sher Hindi action thriller films in which Dharmendra was playing the lead role. One of the movie hero Dharmendra’s battle scene catches bullets and bombs thrown at him with his hand. It’s yet another example of Hero in Bollywood movies doing extraordinary stuff.

7. Judwaa 2

Judwaa 2, directed by David Dhawan, is an action-comedy film. Varun Dhawan, the movie star, plays twins Raja and Prem in front of Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu. In one scene, Varun Dhawan kicks a football that goes to the hospital to hit the Villon by hitting several people in between. The gap between the hospital and Varun was maybe around 1 or 2 km.

8. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Baahubali 2 The Conclusion is an epic fantasy adventure film directed by SS. Rajamoul. Rajamoul. Hero Prabhas and his chosen soldiers assault the opposition army in one of the battle scenes in the movie by copying the theme of the angry birds game. It is one of the most awkward scenes in one of this decade’s most successful Bollywood movies.

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