‘My Date Only Bought Food For Himself Because I Had No Cash’


The account of a woman’s date went viral after she revealed that her boyfriend just bought food for himself. Heydi Berber’s TikTok video generated online criticism after she revealed she didn’t have any money since she had left her purse at home. The scenario was explained in subtitles, and it stated that Heydi had asked him out.

After publicly humiliating her date for only buying food for himself, Heydi Berber triggered an internet controversy.


“Because I didn’t have any money, he solely bought meals for himself.” In the video, Heidi says something and then shows her date eating his lunch while she stands awkwardly with nothing in front of her. The TikToker went on to ask for feedback on whether she should “Go out with him again?” and quoted him as saying, “Pay me or pay no attention.”

Heydi was the one who made the date request!

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After that, Heydi liked a post that said, “A gentleman will not do you like that.” The video has received over 4 million views and tens of thousands of comments since it was shared. You’ll agree that the idea that men should pay for the first date has been around for a long time. This is a widely held belief, and surveys have consistently stated that men should pay.

She went on a date with the man and forgot her purse, so she didn’t have any money.


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Heydi, on the other hand, was lambasted, with many asking why she expected the man to pay. “However, why does she demand a free meal?” Yes, it’s considerate of the male to pay, but she should still make an effort to pay.” Someone made a comment. “Honestly, he shouldn’t go on another one with you,” said another.

“Should I go out with him again?” says the narrator. “He said he’d either pay me or ignore me,” Heydi inquired.

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Some people believe that if the man had requested the date, he should have paid for it, but if Heydi had requested it, she should have footed the bill, and that her asking is still a significant red flag. “I offer to pay on the first date, but I know your date came anticipating a freebie,” one wrote. Should he go out again is the question.” Another asked: “You should always have money for emergencies; what if he left you there?”

She has been classified as a RED FLAG so far.

However, it turned out that a second date had been scheduled, but it did not go as planned.


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