Netizens Can’t Belief As A Man Tattoos Vada Pav Girl’s Face On His Arm


Following her rise to social media fame a few months ago, Chandrika Gera Dixit, better known online as Vada Pav Girl began to receive recognition from those in the entertainment world, which led to her being invited to compete in Bigg Boss OTT 3. Our Instagram feed has been overflowing with videos of her ever since she became well-known.

In addition to becoming well-known, she has amassed a substantial fan following. Some of her fans are so passionate about her that they will stop at nothing to show how much they adore her. A recent tattoo of her face and the phrase “Bigg Boss winner” were done by an admirer of hers.

Man inks the face of the Vada Pav Girl on his arm

Instagram users saw a video of the tattoo that tattoo artist Mahesh Chavan posted. The man begs the tattoo artist to tattoo Chandrika Gera Dixit’s face on his palm in the first scene of the video. According to Chavan, the man who wants to get inked views Vada Pav Girl as his “guru” and is greatly motivated by her.

View the video by clicking this link:

A lot of people have responded to the video on social media. While some have expressed shock and bewilderment at why someone would do such a thing, others have stated that he has to arrange a “cover-up” after she is removed from the show.

One wrote, “Isse achha vadapav ka tattoo bana deta.” Another added, “Cover-up tattoo coming soon.” A third went on to add, “Jldi regret krega.”