9 Reasons Why Women May Feel Better If They Stop Wearing Bras


Bras may not be as harmless as they seem, from causing saggy breasts, skin irritation, and stress lines around the body to costing lots of money. We all come with varying levels of pain, whether they are push-ups, lace, sports or strapless bras. Social norms and our own preferences make us wear bras on a daily basis, but sometimes for your own comfort, it seems that rules can be broken.

What Happens When You Stop Wearing a Bra? 

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Nothing beats taking off the bra you’ve been fastened into for 12 hours after a long day. In fact, it feels so amazing that it made us question what would happen if we stopped wearing bras altogether. It ends up being quite a bit. There are undoubtedly some benefits, such as less rib and acne pain, but there are also unavoidably some drawbacks, such as back pain and increased period discomfort. Before deciding to free boob full-time, read on to learn more.

1. No sweat under the breasts anymore!

no bra, wear bra, stress, feel better, body, skin, irritation, saggy, breasts,

Hot days are good before you begin to feel the hot sweat under the breast. Wearing a bra, in this case, could make a problem worse— it’s just going to rub the uncomfortable moisture into your hair. Instead, letting your skin breathe brightly will help it actually evaporate, giving you a new and friendly feeling.

2. It can also help to clear up your skin.

no bra, wear bra, stress, feel better, body, skin, irritation, saggy, breasts,

We can also run the risk of developing an infection or acne by letting the dirt and sweat build up under the bra. This is extra important when we sweat more than normal during the warm seasons. Drenched in sweat, tight bra straps can also cause breakouts. Bacteria do not need to expand. Simply removing the thing that causes them is great!

3. It helps the natural chest shape.

While wearing bras to protect our breasts, in the long run, they don’t play such a useful role. In fact, according to a study, bras make the chest sag. Medically, psychologically, or anatomically, breasts should not be denied gravity. So it will be good for both safety and appearance to remove your bra.

4. It can make your breasts stronger.

Breasts are free from artificial support to develop their own muscle tissue! This means they will not need any support other than their own. We replicate this tissue using the pectoral muscles and can then withstand gravity. This way, you will admire their lovely perky shape while they are working!

5. It saves you money.

Most of the bras are pricey out there. Even more costly are super-fashionable bras from popular brands. It is a long and complicated task to find one that will fit you, provide good support, and not cause any discomfort. But it’s free to go braless!

6. It will free you from those pressure lines around your body.

no bra, wear bra, stress, feel better, body, skin, irritation, saggy, breasts,

No matter how good or expensive your bra is, there is always a risk that it will leave some lines of tension across your chest. Such marks hurt and cause discomfort most of the time, and you want to remove them as quickly as you can. Well, no bra means no suffering in this case.

7. It will give you comfort all day long.

8. It can help to improve your circulation.

Bras may also limit the circulation of lymph around your chest area. Lymph is an important fluid in our body as it helps remove bacteria, cells that are abnormal and other things. Removing it will improve your circulation, provide muscle tissue and help keep your skin tight. Wearing a bra isn’t harmful, but it’s definitely worth it to give your body some love by not wearing one.

9. It feels adventurous.


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When is it necessary to wear a bra?

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There may be situations when you need to wear a bra, such as when you’re doing sports. It may be dangerous for your breasts not to wear it during intense physical activity as it can cause tissue damage, pain, and discomfort. A good sports bra with decent support is, therefore, a must-have in this situation.

Should you frequently wear bras? What are your thoughts on our points? Would you ever give them up to wear? In the comment section, let’s share our thoughts!

can wearing a bra cause breast cancer? 

bra, wear, no bra, side effects, comfortable, benefits
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No reliable research has ever suggested a connection between wearing or not wearing a bra and getting breast cancer. There is no scientific proof to support the hypothesis that underwire bras promote breast cancer by impeding lymph flow, notwithstanding this allegation. You can decide whether to wear a bra to bed on your own without being concerned about an elevated risk of cancer.

No Bra Side Effects 

If you have larger breasts, not wearing a bra can be extremely painful for your muscles in the back, neck, and shoulders. Age, weight loss or gain, and health problems are just a few of the factors that can cause breasts to sag. The situation could get worse if you’re not wearing a bra.

Bra size calculator


Did you know that 80% of Indian women wear bras that don’t fit them properly because they don’t know how to properly determine their bra size? A properly fitted bra is essential for the perfect look as well as for defining the right posture and providing the necessary support. The fact that the majority of women don’t have their bra sizes measured is one of the main causes of poorly fitting bras. The first step to getting the ideal bra fit is determining your actual bra size. Fortunately, determining your bra size is not difficult, and we are here to explain how to do it. A measuring tape and a mirror are all you need. You should also wear a properly fitting, unpadded bra.

Step1. Calculate band size

  • The tape needs to be snug and level.
  • To the nearest whole number, round the resultant number. Add four inches if the number is even. Add 5 if it’s strange.
  • The result of this computation is the size of your band.
Example: 27.6 Inches will round off to 28 Band size – 28 + 4 = 32

Step2. Calculate bust size/ cup size

  • The tape should be wrapped around your bust’s largest area.
  • Make sure there are no falls or twists, and that it is not too tight or loose.
  • To the nearest whole number, round off the number.
  • Now deduct the bust measurement from the band size that was previously calculated.

Example: Bust = 37 inches, Band = 34 inches, 37 – 34 = 3 inches. That’s a 34C!

Your cup size is A if there is a discrepancy of 1 between your band and bust measurements. The cup size will be B if the difference is 2, and so forth.

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