Photos Proving Our Grandparents Were Cooler Than Us


They are often respectful of handling our grandmas and grandpa. Grandparents are going to be grandparents: they think that Facebook is more of a diary. But in contrast with them, we are literally helpless nestlings. Their lives were tougher but they still had fun. And Facebook didn’t mind them.

“My granny is on a farm, she drinks, she wears shoes, and she does what she likes.”

“If they had the internet in 1952, my grandpa might have been a meme hero”

“My grandpa (on the left) and lovely strangers with his friends” (the 1940s)

“During the Second World War, my grandma and her husband”

“A grandfather of my friend in California” (the 1940s)

“My grandparents were married for 45 years in 1945, and met again in June 2012 in heaven.”

“My grandfather and he stole a car from the Nazis.”

“Don’t mess on my North Dakota granny!”

“My grandfather wears a shorts leather jacket and doesn’t care about anything” (the 1950s)