Ot7 Quanny: Ot7 Quanny Age, Nationality,  Net Worth, Ot7 Quanny Real Name


A rising star in the music business, Ot7 Quanny amassed a large following of hip-hop fans and rapidly became well-known. Find out more about his background, both personal and professional.

Ot7 Quanny Real Name

Rapper and hip-hop recording artist Ot7 Quanny is one. Jaquan Borneo is his actual name. Philadelphia’s hip-hop community is beginning to recognise the burgeoning talent as a result of Ot7 Quanny’s widespread popularity. Now that the industry is beginning to recognise him, he is beginning to gain recognition in the competitive climate of North Philadelphia.

The meaning of his name, Ot7, is overtime; seven is for seven days a week, and “Ot” stands for overtime. This is a result of the fact that he works seven days a week. He goes by Ot7 Quanny as a result.

Ot7 Quanny Wiki

Rapper Ot7 Quanny, who is gaining popularity, was born and reared in southern New Jersey until the age of eleven. He is from West Oak Lane, Philadelphia. It is located in a harsh neighbourhood zone in North Philadelphia that is well-known for its street culture and difficulties. His participation evolved beyond his participation in baseball, basketball, and football.

He started putting out his songs on a professional basis in 2022. Among his debut tracks on the music scene is “Dior Dior”. “Ok Ok,” “New Money,” and “Run the Hood” are among his best albums.

Ot7 Quanny Age

Ot7 Quanny may currently be 34 years old because he was born in Philadelphia in 1990.

Ot7 Quanny Height

There is currently no information on Ot7 Quanny’s height available.

Ot7 Quanny Family

Ot7 Quanny was greatly aided in his musical career by the encouragement and support of his family and friends, especially his grandmother. His family relocated to Philadelphia, where they settled on West Oak Lane. As Ot7 Quanny noted, his family is blessed to watch him on TV at every accomplishment and is always happy with his achievements. He receives calls from his brother, dad, and grandparents frequently asking what they think of his films.

Ot7 Quanny Net Worth

Ot7 Quanny, a rapper, is thought to be worth $800,000. During its initial fortnight on YouTube, The song “Power” from his music video had over 300,000 views.


Q: where is ot7 quanny from?
was born and reared in southern New Jersey until the age of eleven. He is from West Oak Lane, Philadelphia.

Q: Who is OT7 Quanny signed to
no information is available about it on the web.