5 Overseas Cricketers And Their Love Towards India Will Make Every Indian Proud


India is one of the countries in the world where cricket is closely followed by fans. The honourable men down have the country’s largest fan base. Individuals like both Indian and international players, which is unusual. Indeed, international cricketers prefer to visit India because they receive more love everywhere they go than they do in their own country.

Since the inception of the Indian Premier League, it has aided in the development of a strong bond between foreign players and Indian supporters. This creates an eager attachment to the country’s customs and culture.

Here is a list of cricketers who have shown their love and affection for India:

Matthew Hayden

This former Australian cricketer, who is now a member of the Chennai Super Kings, displays his undying love for India in a variety of ways. In cricket, he is known for his aggressive left-handed batting style. For his selection into the Chennai Super Kings, he received a lot of praise from Indian fans.

Matthew Hayden In India

Many Indians saw him dressed in local and traditional garb. After 15 years as a batsman on the cricket field, he now works as a commentator on several international cricket formats. As one cricketer once put it,

“Chennai gave me the chance to develop as a player”

Matthew Hayden Loves India

Jonty Rhodes

This South African cricketer has shown his deep affection for India much before any other international cricketer. This gentleman has also given his darling daughter the name INDIA, demonstrating his admiration for our country, its culture, and traditions. He has managed an IPL franchise. He also enjoys spending his time off in India, demonstrating his love for our motherland.

Jonty Rhodes

In his cricket career, this renowned cricketer won numerous medals as a fielder. He is regarded as the greatest fielder of all time. In an interview, Jonty stated that the most amazing element of India is that, as an untouchable, he is constantly amazed by the delicacies and lingos of the country.

Jonty Rhodes

Dwayne Bravo

Previously, he was the captain of the West Indies, a cool-headed and fun-loving personality. Bravo does not miss an opportunity to express his enormous affection for India. He does have a sizable fan base in India. On the social networking platform Instagram, he has 3.9 million followers.

Bravo has also teamed up with a performer from India. He’s recorded one song with him, which is gathering a growing number of Indian admirers. This Trinidadian athlete previously remarked in an interview how much the Indian community and his fans adore him. He had previously stated that Indians adore him far more than his own people.

Dwayne Bravo/Instagram

Dwayne Bravo, a former West Indies cricketer, had already joined hands with Bollywood with his song “Champion.” He was such a hit that he was requested to record another song by Bollywood. Bravo revealed that he believes there are several opportunities and degrees for music specialists in both India and the West Indies. It’s a chance that motivates him to do more melodically coordinated endeavours with Indian artists in the future.


Brett Lee

Brett Lee, an Australian bowler who retired from international cricket in July 2012, has expressed his admiration for India in a number of occasions. He remarked in an interview that India had been a special place for him because he had been going for over 13 years. He went on to say that he felt a genuine connection and connection with India because he admired the way of life, the tone, the confusion, and a huge section of the people. Lee praised the warmth and generosity of Indian people, adding that they had supported him and looked after him like a child.

Brett Lee/Instagram

Brett said in an interview with the Indian national media in the past that he prepared especially hard, put in all the effort he needed before a match, and the cricket match worked out well for him and Australia, so he compensated himself with several quarts of Beer and Butter Chicken, proclaiming his love for India and its food. Lee’s passion for Indian cuisine is evident at his Indian restaurant, ‘Combinations Café and Book Shop,’ in Sydney.

Lee founded a philanthropic trust in India in 2007. This organisation promotes people with disabilities to participate in music. It also focuses on ensuring that music is widely recognised as a powerful tool for healing, enabling, and supporting India’s underserved children.


Chris Gayle

Jamaican-born Because of his coolness, Christopher Henry Gayle is the most popular West Indian cricket player in India. After being recruited for Royal Challengers Bangalore, he became more well-known. He appeared in numerous Indian advertisements for Royal Stag and other brands, making him India’s most coveted player. Chris Gayle is well-liked all throughout the world, but he has a special relationship with India. The West Indian batsman has expressed his admiration for India and Indian fans.


“The ‘Universe Boss,” who is currently in India, recently uploaded an image on Instagram with an inscription thanking the country. Gayle may be seen seated on a Mumbai police bicycle with the officials around him beaming in an Instagram photo. Since his debut for the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL, Chris Gayle has been a huge success. He spent the first three seasons with the Knight Riders before being acquired by the Royal Challengers Bangalore. When Gayle arrived at RCB, he hit a century. Gayle’s century was the second-fastest in IPL history at the time.

Chris Gayle/Instagram