Oyo Rooms Answers Sexist Comments & Trolls On Social Media


Booking a hotel room via OYO is very cost effective. The main reason for booking Oyo rooms is that they are less expensive than other hotels, require little effort in the booking process, and are available in most locations.

Will the girl be found with the bed, the customer inquired?

The vulgar comments on Oyo’s social media are strictly moderated. Many dirty jokes and memes are posted. Trolls begin writing vulgar things about girls and their bodies in these rooms because they are couple-friendly. Now take a close look at the following remarks.

” Will this girl be included in the package?”

“Take the money, but bring the girl?”

“When I get a free girl, I’ll book a room.”

If you look at the company’s social media site, you’ll notice that there are even more vulgar and humiliating messages.

OYO has provided a fantastic answer.

Mayur Hola, writing on behalf of the organisation in the Oyo site, stated:

“We attempted to report these remarks. However, social media sites refuse to take them down, citing free expression as a reason. They meant to suggest that free speech does not preclude us from depicting a woman who is breastfeeding, but it does allow us to thre*ten r*pe. We agreed to handle the matter ourselves in such a situation. They made the decision to make their class public. This is something we do every day.”

This Trick Worked for Oyo


Oyo has devised a strategy to get these consumers to the table and onto the line. As a result of this, Oyo now reacts to objectionable comments on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a daily basis. People who comment on this, it seems, become a negative focus of attention. Over 3500 people have received responses from Oyo so far. Many trolls have since deleted their comments in response to the response. At the same time, over 300 people expressed regret for their remarks.

#ShowSomeRespect, writes Mayur Hola

“Every day, the way I think about one person changes. And hopefully this will be the last time he makes such a remark in his life. This is just the start. There is already a long way to go. This is not a time-limited promotion or marketing initiative. But this is the only thing we can do, and we will do it forever.”