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Ozge Yagiz: Turkish actress Zge Yaz is well-known for both her beauty and her roles in well-liked television shows. In 2018, she gained attention for her supporting performance in Adini Sen Koy. After receiving her diploma from Başkent University, she made her debut. Ozge Yagiz had a starring role in the wildly popular romance drama series The Promise. In the Güzel Choice Awards, she was nominated for Best Actress.

Who is Özge Yağız?

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Zge Yaz was born on September 26, 1997, in Istanbul, Turkey. By 2023, Ozge Yagiz will be 25 years old. She attended the Communication Sciences Academy at Başkent University. In the 2018 television series Adini Sen Koy, she made her acting debut, launching her career. In the Star TV programme Zeliha, she portrayed the character.

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In 2019, she contributed to the Kanal 7 television programme Yemin. She portrayed Reyhan, which was also her first lead role. As a result, Ozge Yagiz became the star of the prime-time show. She and Gökberk Demirci shared the starring role. Fans enjoyed watching Ozge Yagiz and Gökberk Demirci together because they made a hot couple.

In 2020, Malhun Hatun, Osman’s wife in the historical fiction series Kuruluş: Osman, was chosen for her to play. However, she was later fired, and another actress named Yldz Atiksoy was given the part of Malhun Hatun.

Later that year, she appeared in Sol Yanm as Serra and played the lead role. Star TV carried the series. Cemre Baysel, Tolga Mendi, and Cansel Elçin also acted as series regulars.

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In 2021, She played the role of Havva in the television show çimizden Biri. She performed an excellent job of portraying the Turkish Muslim family’s daughter who falls in love with Adam, the son of an Irish Christian family.

In 2022, She appeared in the Ay Yapm-created television series Baba as Büşra Saruhanli. Show TV broadcasts the two seasons of the television series.

Ozge Yagiz movies

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In 2023, She contributed to the films Beyaz Eşya and Başka Türlü Aşk. She portrayed the title character, Caner Topçu, in the film Başka Türlü Aşk. These Ozge Yagiz films have not yet been made available.

Özge Yağız Awards & Recognitions

The magazines Formasnté and Samdan Plus profiled her. She was nominated for Best Actress at the Güzel Choice Awards for her performance as Reyhan Tarhun in the well-liked romantic drama series The Promise.

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Ozge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci, co-stars of the television show Yemin (Promise), rekindled their romance and got engaged. While fans made marriage predictions, there were rumours that the couple had split up. However, sources indicate that the two later made up.

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In an interview of Gazete Magazin,

Demirci said,

“Let me say we have come to the evil eye, everyone says so. We had a rest period. We gave each other some time, we gave ourselves some time. We listened, we thought, and we grew up in this process. Naturally, life brought us together again”

Ozge Yagiz also opened up about her relationship and stated,

“Nothing can stand in the way of fate, I think at some point. We had a good relationship, I believe it has continued well from this point on. Sometimes there are short breaks in life. That’s how it is for every event”

Özge Yağız’s net worth

Ozge Yagiz’s net worth is $5 million, 42 Crore in Indian rupees.

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