10 People That Had Nightmares After Visiting Their Hairdresser


In terms of our hairstyle, there are whole research projects devoted to how age and life satisfaction impact our decision. The more we love ourselves and the more we embrace ourselves, the more it really suits us in our hairstyles. An attempt to achieve a cool new picture, however, is often shattered by a harsh reality:

“Bangs that looked like Dakota Johnson’s were everything I needed. I showed her different images, and that’s what I got. It’s been over a year and now they look great, but man, I’ve been suffering there for a couple of months.

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It didn’t work out when you needed some waves, but

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Reference pics are the top 2. What I’ve got is the bottom right. The bottom left is when, a few months back, I went into a new salon.

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“Earlier today, my sister got a $10 haircut.”

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This girl wanted her bangs to look like those in the picture below. But one side of it ended up shorter than the other.

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Can anyone explain in the photo on the right what’s going on?

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It was over $200 and she didn’t know something was wrong, either. A few weeks later, I went back to get it fixed and it looked exactly the same, so I never went there again.

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What my wife wanted to do to the left vs. what she wanted to do to the right. She was offered a refund and they were trying to fix it, but she found another spot.

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“I got it done professionally because I didn’t want to get it messed up.”

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I showed a haircut to the hairdresser vs. What she cut. Afterward, I just cried in my car.

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