18 People That Look Like They’re From a Different Planet


Genetics is a science that is difficult to predict. Genes can be surprising at times, resulting in persons with unusual appearances. Some people have cool moles, while others have elf ears and multicolored eyes. Some people may even have an additional digit.

Heterochromia and mirrored makeup

Wow, heterochromia and you are good-looking. A genetic lottery winner… © megapuffranger / Reddit

“In his beautiful hair, my kid was born with a black patch. There is no birthmark or discoloration under it as it grows black.”

© maceparks / Reddit

“No. Is not a pierced hole. I inherited it from my father (my brother also has it).”

© uachiu / Imgur

It’s called the preauricular sinus.

“A few months ago, the white lashes on my right eye began to come in.”

© ThiccNibba4000 / Reddit

“I was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 40. Never be humiliated or ashamed.”

© ludwig_agina / Reddit

Elf ears

© ***pears / Reddit

“This is the eye of my sister. She suffers from a disorder known as ‘Coloboma.’

© katiebug0313 / Imgur

“Despite the fact that they are unrelated, my girlfriend and nephew share a very similar birthmark.”

© blaise-johnson / Reddit

“Vitiligo whitened one of her brows.”

© loquaciouslucie / Reddit

“Sectoral heterochromia! My left eye is my favorite eye.”

© thiscantbesoy / Reddit

“I have never coloured my hair because I was born with polio.”

© Izzy_Kellar / Reddit

“Both of my thumbs have a higher bottom joint.”

© Lapisasaurus / Reddit

“I have a teardrop-shaped birthmark under my right eye that is precisely placed.”

© KindObject3 / Reddit

“I have distichiasis (a double row of eyelashes), which is a rare genetic condition.”

© lipstickplant / Reddit

There is no such thing as having too many freckles.

© kickkk***/ Reddit

“A little bit double-jointed”

© Rainydayroobear / Imgur

Anisocoria (unequal pupil sizes)

© c**tradamus / Imgur

“I have the appearance of a cartoon character.”

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