15 People Who Made a Long Trip to Take a Fantastic Photo, but Life Had Other Plans


You’re about to embark on your dream holiday. All has been meticulously packed, organised, and prepared, and it appears that nothing could possibly go wrong and ruin the jaw-dropping shots you have planned. But, like reality shows, life has its own sense of humour, and all we can do is laugh at the consequences. Or weep a river — it doesn’t matter because you can’t really change something after the fact.

15. When you wanted to see Mount Rushmore but couldn’t because it was “Rush-less”:

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14. After a 9-hour car ride, getting this picture must be extremely discouraging.

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13. This view of Machu Picchu didn’t impress Llama either.

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12. This is not the ideal time to visit London if seeing Big Ben is on your bucket list.

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11. When you finally made it to the Golden Gate Bridge, you ought to:

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10. “Went on a hike today that promised stunning views.”

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9. “This is me taking in the sights of the Grand Canyon.”

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8. At the very least, this guy got another chance to take pictures.

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7. “I took a two-hour train and got off at the wrong station. Despite missing a train, I made it to Mount Fuji. “I was not dissatisfied.”

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6. “I think I won’t be reaping the scenery karma from Norway.”

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5. “There must be a plot to fog all landmarks or places of interest,” we agree.

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4. At the very least, the waterfall was present.

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3. “An eight-hour flight, a five-week wait, and an hour-long bus ride to see the Cliffs of Moher”

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2. She saw “the Alright Wall of China.”

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1. When you’re dying to see a fantastic optical illusion but are running late:

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Show us pictures from your holiday where things didn’t go as planned.

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