8+ People Who Opened a Portal Between the Past and Future With Just 2 Photos


It’s hard to tell where or when the idea of combining images into collages began for the sake of comparison. But either a genius or a madman was the one who came up with it. After all, you can see how easily time passes, how people change or do not change, or how much we look like our parents by combining 2 images. Often, a collage is a special way of seeing yourself in a different light.

“Our wedding days, my mother and I, 26 years apart”

© mrsholiests*** / reddit

“I loved a perm and a scrunchie or 3 in 1989, and I recently recreated the look for Edinburgh’80s night.”

© Stormjunior / reddit

“My father in his early 20s, and me in my late teens”

© r0br0ckz / reddit

“A 23-year gap, fitting myself into the new picture was a little challenging.”

“My sister and I graduated eight years apart”

Prom and the day of my engagement, 16 years apart! Over milestones, heartaches, celebrations and struggles, Beaker has been with me. Now she’s 19 and she’s always my favourite girl!

“My dad, at the same venue, 15 years apart”

My father comes from Madagascar, and my mother was born in Egypt, but she’s a Greek descendant. There’s a distance of 32 years between these pictures. My mom is in the picture above, and I’m in the one below.

“My first day of kindergarten, 30 years apart”

© dragonbornsqrl / reddit

“My mom in 1990 and me in 2020!”

© FridaKahlowRider / reddit

“I can’t decide who’s hotter, so I pick both.” © actionjackaon / reddit

Are you enjoying looking at old pictures? Years later, did you want to clone them?

Preview photo credit FridaKahlowRider / reddit