10+ People Who Prove There’s No Escaping Your Genes, Even Centuries Later


Although thousands of researchers are currently researching genetics, we still find about 20% of genes a mystery. That’s probably why we’re left to wonder how a man can look so much like his ancestors, who have existed for centuries. Some parallels are so crazy that they can also surprise scientists on their own.

1. A rare condition was passed from mother to daughter.

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2. This woman and her mother look so similar that it is possible to blend their faces.

 viooletchoo / reddit

3. They look uncannily similar.

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4. “The graduation image of my mother (1971) vs mine (2004)”

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5. There’s no need for a DNA test for this father and son.

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6. This guy began to look a lot like his father after November’s no-shave.

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7. These images are separated by 64 years, but these relatives look almost identical!

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8. “My mom and I both have a line in the same place, through our nails.”

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9. This man’s picture and his great-grandfather make us wonder if time travel already exists.

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10. “My father’s genes run strong. My twin!”

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11. “My sister and I have freckles in exactly the same place on the same arm.”

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12. Genes are efficient indeed! It looks like someone’s been copying and pasting this guy.

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13. “On our foreheads, my daughter and I have the same dimple.”

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14. “Compared to my younger dad, this is me.”

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Do you look like a relative of any of yours? If you have any pictures of your parents or grandparents looking exactly like you, we’d love to see them!