10 People Who Showed That Being Skinny Isn’t the Key to Happiness


We’re all pretty familiar with people trying to lose weight, but the other side of this coin doesn’t always make us wonder. The daily life of those dealing with weight gain requires a high-calorie diet and frequent exercise. Fortunately, despite the challenges of this journey, a group of brave people made it through, and now they are healthier and happier than ever.

1. “Finally, I decided to try to get in shape so that I could feel confident.”

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2. “For me, this was an incredibly tough period of growth, but I came out full of joy, curiosity, and new passions.”

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3. I had resigned myself to believe that I might never gain weight at all. I visited the gym then.

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4.”I am finally restored to 100 percent weight. I am so very proud of myself.

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5. “I knew I could no longer live like this.”

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6. “For much of my childhood, I was seriously thin. I’m 38 years old and now I’m close to 150 lbs.

7. “I’m proud to say I have been recovering from a nearly 10-year eating disorder for two and a half years.”

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8. “Today, I’m happier and healthier.”

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9. “72 pounds to 112 pounds. It’s all possible.’

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10. “Some weight gained and a rescue pupper.”

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Which transformation has most impressed you? How, in your view, do people these days cope with eating disorders?

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