People Who Think Their Prom Is Way More Important Than the Red Carpet at the Oscars


The prom takes place only once in a lifetime, unlike a wedding or other activities. This is why almost every student dreams of turning up to prom looking better than anyone else, so it’s not shocking. In planning for the function, some high school students have such a serious attitude that even Hollywood stars who regularly go to red carpet ceremonies will never dream of such outfits.

1 “As a highlighter, my friend’s little sister came to the prom.”

2 If you haven’t had enough time for make-up:

3. If there are no dresses like this, what kind of prom is that?

4. When you desire to be a superstar:

5. “My neighbour and her date decided to dress in a retro look for the prom…”

6. Cardi B…almost

7. A hoverboard corresponding to the colour of his teeth

8. This may have been a Disney movie poster … but it’s not!