“Perfect Crimes” That Turned Into Epic Fails


Even the most brilliant ideas sometimes become complete failures. But there are some people who believe they definitely have something really ingenious to come up with. I think their “perfect crime” is going to work and some are going to do it. Sadly, this is not the case for our selection’s heroes.

This kid found an easy way to get his toy.

There are always the most interesting things behind the scenes.

If you want to take a cool selfie, the only thing you’ve got is an iPod:

When you attempt to impress a girl doesn’t work:

Hmm… Nice try, dude!

You can also have a6-pack with a little makeup and creativity.

This tire is best suited for bread and wine.

If we have Photoshop, who needs the gym?

If you pretend to fly in a private aircraft, but the truth is still revealed:

This guy was acting like he was sitting poolside, but he was really just sitting in a parking lot.

Instagram versus Reality

When I was sleeping, my wife took a picture of me. Rate it. Enjoy it.