15 Photos That Are Hard to Believe Are Real


No matter how hard we try, our eyes occasionally play tricks on us, and we can’t believe what we’re seeing. The world around us can be a great mystery, leaving us perplexed by its deceptions. This can make it difficult for us to trust that some photographs aren’t Photoshopped, despite the fact that they’re real-life scenes.

floating chair

© j3ffr33d0m / Reddit

Is that a colossal safety pin or a teeny-tiny hand?

© Abcdefgadult / Reddit

These loaves of bread are brimming with grins.

© noahvhang / Reddit

“Dear Sirs and Madams, I’d like to introduce Michelle and Parker.”

© epitomeofcuriosity / Reddit

A cubic window

© mikeleus / Reddit

From above, a fertile valley appears like this.

© MohanBhargava / Reddit

“On my phone today, a hummingbird was chilling.”

© andyman686 / Reddit

“The other side of the rainbow was in my backyard,”

© Serenity2047 / Reddit

“At work, cut open some red pineapples.”

© BetweenTheLYNS / Reddit

An unhappy sunflower

© alexampersander / Reddit

“At an art event, I painted these Alpacas on the street.”

© PunchyMcSkeletor / Reddit

“Watching the storm come in was surreal.”

© SplitSun3 / Reddit

This individual was born with only four fingers.

© Vanishing_Ravioli / Reddit

A teeny-tiny frog clinging to a leaf

© liyote / Reddit

“I made this s’mores stack at a North Dakota chalk festival.”

© Thechalkingdad / Reddit

What have you witnessed in life that has caused you to mistrust your abilities? Which of the photographs puzzled you the most?

Preview photo credit j3ffr33d0m / Reddit, Vanishing_Ravioli / Reddit