Photos That Clearly Demonstrate What True Jealousy Looks Like


Normally, jealousy is judged. But what if this apparently negative emotion is actually beneficial? Our grins, for example, when we see a guy secretly wishing his neighbour’s ice cream will fall to the ground. Or a dog’s astonished expression as its companion embraces another dog! Look at the images as you scroll down the list.

“My husband and our daughter had a ‘date night’ to play Zelda because she doesn’t get to play it very much. Enviously, our sons watch.”

© redlightgreenlighter / reddit

“Went to photograph my puppy and accidentally caught my envious cat in the background.”

© Missmayo / reddit

“I think someone’s jealous.”

© fiddle_sticks / reddit

Summer is the time of jealous looks.

© alexiacobos / twitter

The realisation that you want what your friend has:

© SaltyBabyBatter / reddit

“Asuka resents Posh’s ‘tucked in’ status.”

© BrookeTillandsia / reddit

He seems to be looking for something delectable from the kitchen.

© jaysc0 / twitter

“I was envious of my girlfriend’s picture of this gorgeous guy on our refrigerator… As a result, I changed it.”

© AlmaGordo / reddit

There are times when you really want winter to arrive immediately.

© Short_stuff / reddit

“The dog was jealous of the baby, so…”

© jpkitchener / reddit

“A bird was discovered by my uncle. His cat is envious of him.”

© jilli44 / reddit

“My dog didn’t know what to think…”

© ogericd / reddit

When all you want is for a strong wind to blow:

© aleqxander / reddit

“Hey, human! What’s wrong with my nose?”

© Picabulka / pikabu

When you have no choice but to become the centre of attention:

© iProcione / pikabu

When you bring food from home to work:

© Sashas25 / pikabu

One look that explains it all…

© unknown author / imgur

When you can’t conceal your jealousy any longer:

© zilpzalp / imgur

The cat might be jealous.

© JaneNilufer / reddit

This hose has never looked so good.

© stellites / imgur

The realisation that you should have chosen a different outfit

Sofia Vergara

“I want to hold hands too.”

© abilledeaux / reddit

When you’re on a diet and someone orders a delicious cake:

© zilpzalp / imgur

When you’re ready to teach him a lesson, say:

© DV123 / pikabu

We hope the white cat managed to stop the other cat’s wrath. Have you ever seen anyone staring at you like this? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Preview photo credit alexiacobos / twitter