15 Pics That Prove Genes Can Be Very Powerful


We each have approximately 22,000 genes, and we occasionally share enough genes with our family to be nearly identical copies. Despite the fact that they are 50 years apart in age, their looks look the same because to the genetic magic of these genes. There are certain people who are exact replicas of their relatives, as evidenced by images that astound us.

“At the age of six, my mother and sister”

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“My mother (left) at the age of four in 1971. In 2001, I was four years old (right). I can see why people say we resemble each other.”

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The identical genes were passed down from grandmother to granddaughter in 1941 and 1999.

© mrobry / Pikabu

“Me, 1992. Mom, 1954.”

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“This is my fraternal twin and me.”

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“On the left, my grandfather (approximately 1940s, Ireland) and me (roughly 1990s, Canada).”

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“At the same age, 35 years apart, my grandfather and I.”

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“Me in 1971 and my son in 1994”

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“At the age of 21, my mother (L) and I (R) were both 21 years old.”

© adreyjay / Reddit

“In 1951, my father was 24 years old. And then there’s me, a 24-year-old.”

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“I’ve always thought my mother and sister resembled each other, but seeing them together is uncanny.”

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“My grandfather (1948) and my brother (2016)”

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“I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I look like my Finnish grandmother.”

© moonfacelass / Reddit

“My dad 1958… Me 1988.”

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“A side-by-side comparison of me and my identical twin.”

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In your family, who do you most resemble? Please send us a photo of someone who looks like you so we can compare!

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