7 times Priyanka Chopra had an embarrassing ‘oops’ moments

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Bollywood celebrities are brought under the constant public and paparazzi radar. They’re being scrutinized for every single thing about their lives. Despite being carefully dressed, celebs fall victim to a wardrobe malfunction, especially the female actresses. Today we’re going to go through some of those Priyanka Chopra times where she’d been through moments of such humiliating oops.

Priyanka Chopra is known for her sartorial sense of fashion and her looks have turned heads many times. Everything she wears, she is bringing panache with it. However, in terms of fashion, every person often has his own bad day. Our desi girl had a wardrobe malfunction in her part too.

7 ‘oops’ moments of Priyanka Chopra

We’ll continue with the new. Priyanka Chopra has recently been seen with hubby Nick Jonas as they stepped out to dine. She dressed in a black dress with large floral prints at the bottom. On one video, PeeCee was seen holding her handbag to prevent any image that could have triggered a malfunction in the wardrobe. Yet as she was seen a bit uncomfortable when having clicked it was an oops moment.

Priyanka encountered a malfunction in her wardrobe on a series in which she was seen unhappy in her dress. The top had her cleavage falling and revealing. It was a live show and they saw Priyanka changing her clothing.

PeeCee also experienced a moment of oops when she was shooting a’ Isn’t It Romantic ‘ scene with Adam Devine in Central Park, New York. She was in a cold-pink dress on her back. That scene’s pictures and the video went viral where Devine was seen grabbing the actress from behind. As she turns to face Devine, one side of her dress has slipped out of place and she has exposed her cleavage.

She experienced yet another embarrassing moment when she attended with Nick Jonas at the Vanity Fair after-party. Our PDA was caught on camera but the wardrobe malfunction of the actress was also caught. With a plunging neckline, she wore a shimmering black gown. A large part of her cleavage was caught on the cameras as she bowed down to laugh.

Earlier, she also faced a fashion faux pas at the launch of a show in Mumbai where Priyanka was crowned India’s glam diva. She looked stunning in the short dress but her oops moment got clicked and her panty was visible on the cameras.

PeeCee was facing a wardrobe malfunction in a black leather dress during a party. Her dress had exposed many of her assets.

Priyanka was a fashion disaster for her new single’ I Can’t Make You Love Me’ at the launch event. She was in a net skirt and cropped a T-shirt but the flashlights made the bra clearly visible.

If we have missed any other Priyanka Chopra’ oops ‘ moment other than these, please let us know.

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