Radhika Apte Says She Got Rejected Because Other Actress Had ‘Bigger Bre*sts And Fuller Lips’


When it comes to life on her own terms, actress Radhika Apte, who is known for doing bold scenes in films, is a warrior. The diva, who was seen in the film Parched doing sex scenes with Adil Hussain, has spoken out about being advised she needed plastic surgery to improve her appearance.

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Radhika Apte has been referred to as Netflix Girl because of the numerous projects she has worked on and the extensive media attention she has garnered from the internet giant. The starlet is taking advantage of the circumstance as OTT only recently began. Despite her accomplishments and persistent efforts in movies like Andhadhun and Lust Stories, she is nevertheless disparaged because of her physical and physiological characteristics.

More information can be found below. The events that have been taking place in Bollywood are nothing new. Some performers simply fall into the category, while others, like Radhika, actively discuss it to make people aware of the shady side of Bollywood.

According to a recent interview update, the actress has stated that she is not a fan of body enlargement or botox fillings to achieve a specific look.

Radhika Apte stated that she wanted to age naturally and that she is unable to comprehend the types of procedures that people in the film industry undergo. The actress revealed that she was also told to go under the knife despite not opting for even the most basic alterations such as colouring her hair for 30 years.

Radhika told Film Companion that she was advised to get all types of plastic surgery when she first started her career in the industry, but it only made her angrier.

The actress claims that she stated this in an interview:

“I recently got rejected because the other actor had bigger lips and bigger bre*sts. I was told, ‘She looks sexier, and sells more.’ It was a good film…. being made by people whom I respect. You look up to (certain people), and think, ‘They won’t be into this.’ But they also (have such a mindset). Hopefully, the more women we have in, the more things will change.”

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“I’ve been under that kind of stress before. When I first started, I was advised that I needed to do a lot of work on my body and face. I was ordered to change my nose at my first meeting. I was told to get a bre*st job at my second meeting.

“I’m not even getting an injection. It simply turned me off. It never made me feel pressed. In fact, I became more enraged.” She also stated that all of this contributed to her learning to love herself and her body. “I adore my body,” she continued.

Then I was urged to do something about my legs, then my jaw, and something to refill around here (pointing to her cheeks), and then botox “The actress went on to say that merely colouring her hair took her 30 years.

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