10+ Times Ranveer Singh Ruled Koffee With Karan With His Hilarious Energy Level

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Since his images for the Paper Magazine went viral on the Internet, Ranveer Singh has been the buzz of the entertainment industry. The actor is well-known for his enthusiastic performance, contagious enthusiasm, unique sense of style, and sarcastic remarks that he seems to dispense on a regular basis.

We thought it only fitting to take a look back at peak Ranveer Singh moments from the Koffee With Karan episodes, especially since Season 7 is currently available on Disney+ Hotstar.

1 After Karan mentioned how he had communicated his worries with YRF after being chosen for Band Baaja Baaraat, Ranveer actually rose up to leave the KwK episode.

While being on Koffee With Karan is the stuff of dreams for aspiring actors, Ranveer Singh stood up to leave his Koffee debut to express his hurt to Karan. Karan later acknowledged, though, that he felt like the biggest fool for assuming that Anushka and Ranveer were not movie stars.

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2 When Ranveer acknowledged in public that he enjoys hugs and kisses a lot.

Well! After the Bear Grylls show, who on Earth can argue against that?

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3. when Ranveer’s obsession with Arjun Kapoor was uncontrollable.

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Ranveer said that he is just a “touchy-feely” type when Karan asked if he had a thing for Arjun Kapoor, which was already quite clear. Ranveer and Arjun were really honest about their affection for one another during the entire show. And everyone is aware of Ranveer’s penchant for raising the bar!

4. When Ranveer opened up about the ‘keeda‘ inside him.

The actor’s outlandish antics do make folks ROFL. We both adore and despise him for it.

Karan Johar Asked,

Where do you get this energy from? What do you eat and drink? Cuz I’ve never seen you low.

Ranveer Singh Replied,

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It’s not that I don’t get low, it’s not that I don’t get depressed. I do. But I don’t like to put that on display. I’m a people-pleaser by default. I guess there’s a ‘keeda’ inside me.

5. When Ranveer asked Arjun to answer how do you react to male co-stars hitting on you.

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6. When Karan feared Ranveer might throw his own shoe at him.

Ranveer arrived dancing to the coffee sofa after robbing Karan of his high-end shoes. Later, he made a shoe-wielding threat, threatening to beat KJo if the latter said anything offensive or even used his preferred word, “conjecture.” Later, Ranveer added, “I’m toh nanga aadmi.” to his assertion.

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7. When Ranveer said that he wore padded underwear in Befikre.

It was a particularly cold day, so I had to stuff. I’m just saving them post production costs and headaches.

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Otherwise they would have to enhance it…they’d have to do VFX on my red chilly!’

8. When Ranveer was in full ultra-pro-max-energy mode while dancing with Ranbir Kapoor on the KwK episode.

Ranveer and Ranbir were instructed to perform the song’s hook steps by Karan. Ranveer appeared to enter some sort of trance. The man could do no wrong. He monopolised the attention in that sequence.

9. When Ranveer Singh started mimicking Akshay Kumar because he is best in it.

Ranveer has just been questioned by Karan about how he felt about Akshay Kumar. Ranveer went on an exaggeration rampage that was both endearing and entertaining.

He’s doctor Akshay Kumar. He’s Padma Shri Akshay Kumar. He’s gonna run for Prime Minister Akshay Kumar. Akshay for President Akshay Kumar. It’s all about Akshay Kumar.

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After that, he started acting like the actor, and Akshay had to intervene.

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10. When Akshay Kumar discussed how hilariously intrusive Ranveer can be because he always leaves gatherings last,

Why doesn’t this seem shocking?

Ye kisi ke shaadi mein jaata hai kabhi performance karne, he is the last person to leave.

Akshay: Us aadmi ki shaadi khatam ho gai hai, wo suhagrat ke lie jana chaahta hai, abbe tu jayega toh woh jayenge an!

11. when Ranveer opened the new Koffee With Karan season with a special prayer.

Well! If it’s any assistance, the episode was genuinely great.

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Make me the best episode ever all across the 18 years of this cult show we all know and love as Koffee With Karan

12. When Ranveer called himself an ‘A$$ Man.’

Karan Johar: You could be the new superhero.

13. When Ranveer admitted to having a s*x playlist. Not just that, he even performed it.


Furthermore, his piece included a climax.

Samantha Prabhu might simply say that these were typical Ranveerifying moments on KwK if asked to describe them. Ranveer Singh ought to receive a lifetime achievement award at this year’s Koffee Awards for dominating his Koffee episodes. Always!