Ravi Teja Net Worth 2024: Details About Career, Movie, Income, Wife, Age


Ravi Teja Net Worth 2024: The well-known Indian actor Ravi Teja has been making waves in the entertainment industry with his extraordinary talent and considerable fortune. Born in Jaggampeta, Andhra Pradesh, on January 26, 1968, as Ravi Shankar Raju Bhupatiraju, Ravi Teja has cemented his status as a major force in South Indian film. He has gained a large following domestically and abroad due to his captivating roles and entertaining films.

Ravi Teja Career

In 1990, Ravi Teja made his acting debut in the Tamil film Karthavayam in a small supporting role. But it was his role in the 1997 movie Sindhuram that marked the beginning of his career as an actor. Ravi Teja’s films have become very successful over the years, even receiving a lot of attention on Hindi-language television. In addition to the hugely successful 2015 movie “Bengole Tiger,” he also acted in the 2009 Hindi film “Kick,” which was then adapted in 2015 starring Salman Khan.

Ravi Teja Net Worth 2024

With an estimated net worth of $17 million, or about 135 crore Indian Rupees, Ravi Teja is quite wealthy. His film endeavours and brand endorsements provide him with the majority of his revenue. In addition to receiving a portion of the movie’s earnings, Ravi Teja is paid between 5 and 6 crore INR for each picture. Furthermore, he demands about 2 crore Indian rupees in exchange for brand endorsements.

Ravi Teja’s car collection

Ravi Teja’s impressive possessions make it clear that he leads an extravagant lifestyle. He claims to own an opulent Jaggampeta home worth an estimated 16 crore Indian rupees. In addition, he has several additional real estate holdings across the nation. Ravi Teja’s collection of luxury automobiles, including the Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes Benz S Class, and BMW M6, reflects his taste for high-end brands.

Ravi Teja’s Annual Earnings

Over the past few years, Ravi Teja has steadily accrued substantial sums of money in terms of his yearly earnings. His earnings in 2023 were approximately 16 crore INR. In 2022, 15 crore INR, 14 crore INR, 13 crore INR, 2020, and 2019 were the next highest earnings.

Ravi Teja’s Family Life

Kalyani Teja and Ravi Teja are blissfully wed, and the two of them enjoy the pleasures of motherhood with Mokshadha and Mahadhan Bhupatiraju. Ravi Teja, who is especially well-known for his action-comedy movies, has become a well-known character in the industry with his persistent dedication and passionate love for his work. He has starred in 28 films throughout his storied 22-year cinematic career, creating a lasting impression on viewers everywhere.

Ravi Teja’s Achievements and Fame

Ravi Teja is well-known due to his talent and accomplishments. Forbes included him as one of the 100 celebrities whose yearly incomes exceeded 15.5 crore Indian rupees in 2012. With a sizable following, he continues to interact with his fans on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Ravi Teja wife

Ravi Teja’s wife is Kalyani Teja.

Here’s some information about their marriage:

  • They were married on May 26, 2002.
  • Kalyani is a relative of Ravi Teja’s maternal uncle.
  • The couple has a daughter, Mokshadha, and a son, Mahadhan.
  • Their marriage was an arranged one.

Ravi Teja has become a well-known and talented actor in Indian cinema, with a net worth of $17 million. He is among the highest-paid performers in the nation thanks to his outstanding contributions to the Telugu film industry. Ravi Teja has developed a devoted international fan base because of his enthralling performances and enormous popularity.


1. What is Ravi Teja’s net worth in 2024?

Ravi Teja’s net worth is approximately $17 million.

2. How many films has Ravi Teja acted in?

Ravi Teja has acted in 28 movies throughout his 22-year film career.

Some of Ravi Teja’s popular films include “Bengole Tiger” (2015) and “Kick” (2009).