Ravindar Chandrasekhar and Mahalakshmi Complete 100 Days of Marital Bliss, See Post


Ravindar Chandrasekhar, a producer in the Tamil film industry, and actress Mahalakshmi have been sharing their love and affection for each other on social media, which has been melting the hearts of their fans.

They have recently celebrated their 100th day of marriage, and Ravindra expressed his joy on Instagram by sharing a lovely picture of them together. In the post, he admitted struggling to find the right words to caption the image, but he conveyed his happiness by saying that he felt like he was on cloud nine after a long period of 37 years.

Mahalakshmi Pic

He gave credit to Mahalakshmi for being his pillar of support during difficult times and thanked her for everything. It’s clear that these two lovebirds are deeply in love and have a lot of respect for each other.

Ravindar Chandrasekhar & Mahalakshmi

Upon reading Ravindar’s sweet post, Mahalakshmi was moved to tears and expressed her gratitude towards him for the heartfelt gesture. Fans of the couple also took to social media to offer their well-wishes, with one person writing a heartfelt message wishing them health, wealth, and prosperity. Others praised Ravindar for his charming expression of love for his partner. Amidst the flood of congratulatory messages, one fan took the opportunity to ask Ravindra for a review of Bigg Boss 6 Telugu on his Youtube channel.


In addition to celebrating their personal milestones, Ravindar and Mahalakshmi are also dedicated to their professional commitments. Recently, Ravindar’s team emerged victorious in a competition, and he took to Instagram to share the exciting news. The producer of Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma expressed how pleased he was to receive praise from all the members of the competition for his ideas. He also gave thanks to his mother and Sanjay Subashchandran, the CEO of Trendloud. Ravindar described this as his first experience in a competition, and he was thrilled to have made a positive impact on the audience.

Ravindar Chandrasekhar & Mahalakshmi

Meanwhile, Mahalakshmi has also been actively promoting her upcoming project, Munnarivaan, on Instagram. She shared a poster of the film on June 28th, but as of now, there has been no further update regarding the project. Fans are eagerly anticipating further information about the film and are looking forward to seeing Mahalakshmi’s performance on the big screen.