7 Reasons Why Divorce Is Better Than a Bad Marriage


When we marry, we are certain that we have finally found “the one.” Unfortunately, statistics reveal that one out of every four marriages ends in divorce. Even while admitting that your “happily ever after” isn’t working can be difficult at times, you shouldn’t be upset because a divorce can bring a lot of positive changes into your life.

7. You’ll have a better opportunity to meet “the Right one.”


When you’re married, you automatically strive to avoid making your mate jealous by avoiding the opposite sex. You’ll miss out on a lot of possibilities and fantastic people to make friends with if you do it this way. When you’re happily married, this isn’t a negative thing. However, if you believe your marriage has become suffocating, a divorce may be necessary to clear the way for you to find the proper spouse in the future.

You have a lot of experience after an unsuccessful marriage that can help you fall in love again and discover the appropriate person to spend the rest of your life with. In fact, some studies show that people who remarry are less likely to divorce because they have a greater understanding of themselves and know what they want in a partner.

6. You can focus your efforts on your own personal development.


Your emotional well-being is always at risk if you stay in a dysfunctional marriage for a long time. This numbing ache can make you feel as though you’ve begun to lose your identity.

Do you recall your previous interests or the things that used to make you happy when you were younger? Is your partner supportive of your choices and worldview? Do you have a good time right now? If you answered “no,” it’s likely that you need to make some changes in your personal life.

It turns out that a bad marriage might prevent you from accomplishing the things you desire or enjoying the things you deserve in life. So, after a divorce, you can finally stop investing all of your energy in a relationship that isn’t working and put it to better use in other areas of your life.

5. You’ll feel happier.

You may lose a spouse when you leave a poor marriage, but you get happiness instead. Life is too short to waste time with people who are incompatible and in toxic relationships. And if you feel that your marriage is making you unhappy and dissatisfied, it’s time to call it quits.

Divorce may come as a shock at first, but you’ll be able to turn the page and begin a new chapter in your life that may be even more spectacular than the previous one. According to certain studies, both men and women are happier for up to 5 years after their marriages end because they are more pleased with their life.

4. Your children will be happier as well.

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Many couples recognise that they are unhappy yet choose to stay married “for the sake of their children.” However, this is a terrible concept. Your children may be continuously stressed out by the tension in your unhappy marriage because they can hear your sarcasm and disputes.

More than that, they may be unsure of what constitutes a good connection, which could cause major issues in their personal lives in the future. So, if you don’t want to harm your child’s mental health, show them how to respect one another and come to an agreement. Remember the golden rule: a happy parent equals a happy child.

3. Your health might improve.

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Most people feel that marriage can improve your health, but this is not true in the case of a terrible marriage. An unpleasant, conflict-ridden marriage, on the other hand, can be worse for your health than being alone or happily married.

Living in a hostile family can be as physiologically destructive as binge drinking or severe work stress, according to studies. So, if you haven’t broken up with your “better half” wife or spouse yet, keep in mind that you’re at a higher risk for heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and a weakened immune system. Furthermore, even minor skin cuts and wounds heal 40 percent slower.

2. You’ll notice an improvement in your appearance.

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Even if you have no plans to diet or start Botoxing everything following your divorce, you may notice some surprising changes in your appearance. Many people agree that they had a strong internal transformation as a result of feeling better and more alive. And when their inner selves began to develop, their physical appearance began to improve as well.

Furthermore, most people tend to change their outer on purpose following a major life shift such as a divorce – they start working out, buy new clothes, update their makeup, and so on. These modifications also aid in the improvement of their self-esteem and sense of well-being.

1. It will be less difficult for you to retire.

We rarely get out of a marriage without spending money. A divorce, on the other hand, can be financially beneficial in the long run – some studies show that divorced women who never remarry are often better off financially in their later years.

They usually focus on their career after a divorce and work longer hours than they did previously. All of this translates to higher lifetime earnings, allowing women to contribute more to their retirement accounts and receive much higher Social Security payments.

Have you gone through a divorce before? Do you have any suggestions for dealing with it? Please feel free to share your personal experience with us in the comments section below!

Illustrated by Leisan Gabidullina for Bright Side