Remember Granddaughter of ‘Deviprasad’ in Hera Pheri After 20 Years of it She Looks Hot Now


Hera Pheri will always be remembered as Bollywood’s most popular comedy film. As the film approached its 20th anniversary, social media was flooded with quotes and sequences from the film. There is so much nostalgia!!

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll recall Rinku, the small girl who appears in it. Yes, we’re talking about Kabira’s kidnapping of a little girl (portrayed by Gulshan Grover).


Ann Alexia Anra, better known by her stage as Annie, played Rinku. Her ‘before and now’ photos have gone viral on social media, and everyone is salivating over her since she is so stunning. She has matured into a lovely young lady.

This was her appearance at the time:

She now has a gorgeous appearance. Check it out for yourself:


Annie is an entrepreneur, former actress, and environmental consultant, according to her Instagram bio. Despite her absence from the spotlight, she maintains a strong social media presence. She has over 16k Instagram followers thanks to her great fashion sense.

I’m hoping to see this stunning woman in a film soon!!