Riva Arora On Her Age Controversy And Claims Of Her Being 12, Says, ‘My Age…’


When she was just one and a half years old, child actress Riva Arora made her acting debut in the critically acclaimed film Rockstar (2011). She also worked in a number of television ads, winning fans over with her cuteness. Afterwards, Riva was cast in movies like Mom and Uri: The Surgical Strike, where she dazzled the audience with her acting. Riva is currently enjoying the success of her most recent movie, Chhatriwali, which stars Rakul Preet Singh in the title role.

Riva Arora talks about her real age

Riva Arora discussed the harsh criticism she has recently been subjected to on social media in an interview with the Indian Express. She also discussed how she has been responding to it. For the unaware, internet users expressed their outrage over a song video in which Riva was allegedly seen romancing Karan Kundra when, in reality, she was only 12 years old. About her actual age, she remarked that it would soon be known that she is not 12 years old.

Riva Arora’s Age

In her words:

“Well, I never focus on such criticism, I always believe that if there’s negativity, there’s also a positive side. I choose to look at the brighter side. The love that I get today has overpowered everything. My actual age will be revealed soon. But all I can say is that I am not 12.”

Riva Arora reveals her family’s reaction to her age controversy

Riva Arora’s Pic

Riva Arora also addressed the debate surrounding her age and shared how she and her family enjoy making fun of it. She did, however, add that sometimes the false allegations hurt her much too much, but that when her family stands up for her, it helps to lift her spirits. When discussing the same, she said:

“They teased me that tu baarah saal ki hai kya? It’s a little funny to see and read these things. And yes, when things do become too heavy, they cheer me up and make me realise that it’s bogus reports, so I shouldn’t worry about it.”

Riva Arora talks about her bond with her mother

Riva Arora’s Mother

When questioned if her parents were okay with her appearing in the movie Chhatriwali, which is about safe sex, Riva revealed that she and her mother decided that she had to be in the movie. Riva described her relationship with her mother as being similar to that of best friends, and they talk about everything and anything. Added her:

“Today, the world is moving at a fast pace and also turning progressive. I don’t think it’s any more taboo to talk about these things with your parents. I am very close to my mother and discuss everything under the sun with her. We are like best friends and talk about everything. She also has given me a diktat that I need to talk about boyfriend issues with her.” 

Riva Arora talks about leading a normal life as a teenager

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Riva Arora always manages to stay grounded and in control despite her immense popularity. She spoke candidly about her personal life in the same interview, saying that she isn’t missing anything as a teenager and enjoys a typical existence. Riva further stated that on the sets, she is now no longer treated like a child but rather as an actor. She declared:

“I have started doing all kinds of roles and everything has changed completely. I want to be seen as an actor, who is versatile and not boxed as a child or young actor.”