‘It Depends On Them; I Don’t Care’: Rohit Sharma’s Deleted Chat With KKR’s Assistant Coach Raises Concern


There is no doubt that the Mumbai Indians are not the right team for the latest IPL season. Numerous scandals involving the Mumbai Indians have made news since the start of this season. The team’s former captain, Rohit Sharma, jumped on board after his open discussion with the KKR coach went viral.

The 17th season of IPL turned out to be a turbulent one for five-time champions, Mumbai Indians

Amidst the excitement surrounding IPL 2024, the Mumbai Indians were already entangled in controversy before the competition started. Shockwaves went through the cricketing community when Hardik Pandya was named captain, taking the place of the more experienced Rohit Sharma.

With Rohit’s incredible track record of leading the squad to five championship wins, supporters were not pleased with the sudden shift. There was a noticeable unhappiness among the fans of the franchise. This was especially clear during the first few games when Hardik took the brunt of the jeers and booing from the crowd.

The consequences of changing captains became more evident as the season went on. Despite their reputation for strong teamwork, the Mumbai Indians were unable to perform on the pitch. Their performances were not as strong as they had been in earlier seasons. This resulted in an early elimination from the playoff competition.

But just as it appeared that the tumultuous part of the Mumbai Indians’ season was about to end, something unexpected happened. A leaked video of Rohit Sharma and KKR assistant coach Abhishek Nayar surfaced ahead of a pivotal game against the Kolkata Knight Riders, raising suspicions of unhappiness in the Mumbai Indians camp.

Rohit Sharma’s candid conversation with K KR’s assistant coach hinted at the underlying tensions within MI

IPL veteran Rohit Sharma alluded to internal strife within his team, the Mumbai Indians, during an open discussion that was recorded and leaked. Despite not mentioning the team directly, his comments strongly implied that he was affiliated with MI, which caused fans to speculate.

When Rohit talked about the changes taking place within the team, it was difficult to understand what he was saying against the backdrop of the chants from the fans. He was heard uttering,

He further asserted that,

It appeared to be a reflection of a strong emotional bond with the team he had previously guided to multiple championships. Fans further fueled the fire by claiming to hear Rohit make a mysterious statement to end the talk.

“Anyway, this is my last,”

even though the audio quality is still questionable. These discoveries raised the level of excitement surrounding the IPL as the season went on.

Updates regarding Mumbai Indians’ Season End

The Mumbai Indians, who are currently without a playoff spot, take on the mighty Kolkata Knight Riders with a sense of pride. The game seems to be very important as KKR is aiming for a two-point lead over the Rajasthan Royals, who are currently tied with them but have a lower net run rate.

Senior players like Suryakumar Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, and Rohit Sharma also discussed the poor season of the Mumbai Indians during a recent team meeting. They talked about the causes behind the team’s subpar performances and had one-on-one meetings with the management to consider possible future strategy adjustments. All that can be hoped for is that MI will recover some dignity before the season ends and return even stronger the next year!