How to Find Rose Bouquet in Persona 3 Reload?


In Persona 3 Reload, the Rose Bouquet holds significant value as a special gift. Found at the Rafflesia shop in Port Island Station, you can purchase it for 2000 Yen from the Flower Shop Lady. This elegant bouquet becomes crucial for fulfilling a request from Elizabeth, who simply desires a bouquet, making this one a perfect choice.

Alternative Method for Acquiring the Rose Bouquet

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, there’s an alternate route to obtain the Rose Bouquet. On 5/3, players can tune in to the Tanaka Amazing Commodities show on TV at the day’s onset and acquire the Rose Bouquet along with x2 Luxury Chocolates. This method offers a convenient way to obtain both items simultaneously.

Rewards for Completing Elizabeth’s Request

Meeting Elizabeth’s request not only brings a sense of accomplishment but also rewards players with the Female Winter Garb for Yukari. This additional benefit enhances the act of presenting the exquisite Rose Bouquet.

The Rose Bouquet in Persona 3 Reload holds versatility beyond its initial purpose. Characters like Yukari and Mitsuru particularly appreciate receiving flowers, thus presenting them with a Rose Bouquet can deepen your bond with them. However, players should exercise discretion before splurging on multiple bouquets, as they’re most effective for specific requests and social interactions. This strategic approach aids players in managing their in-game resources efficiently. Overall, the Rose Bouquet enriches the gameplay experience by serving multiple functions and adding depth to the game.


Q: Can the Rose Bouquet be used for purposes other than Elizabeth’s request and strengthening Social Links?

A: The primary utility of the Rose Bouquet lies in fulfilling specific requests and enhancing social interactions. While it holds aesthetic appeal, its significance primarily lies in its role within the game.

Q: Apart from Elizabeth’s request, is there another way to acquire the Rose Bouquet?

A: Yes, tuning in to the Tanaka Amazing Commodities TV show on 5/3 provides an alternative method to obtain the Rose Bouquet alongside x2 Luxury Chocolates, allowing players to acquire both items simultaneously.

Q: What happens if Elizabeth’s request is left incomplete?

A: Failing to fulfil Elizabeth’s request results in missing out on the sense of achievement and the reward of the Female Winter Garb for Yukari. Nonetheless, the game remains enjoyable even without completing this specific task.