Sakshi Chopra: Ramanand Sagar’s Great-Granddaughter, Sakshi Chopra Reveals She Faced Sexual Harassment


Sakshi Chopra: Ramanand Sagar, the late director of Ramayan, had a great-granddaughter named Sakshi Chopra. In addition to this, Sakshi is well-known in the world of glamour. She is an actress, singer, and model. In addition, she frequently draws attention with her daring clothing choices. Sakshi has now spoken out about experiencing s*xual harassment on a show.

Sakshi Chopra

Sakshi Chopra reveals facing s*xual harassment on a show

On June 23, 2023, Sakshi Chopra revealed she experienced s*xual harassment on a programme while using her Instagram account. She posted several images of herself wearing unusually knotted trousers and a bralette with a tiger motif, along with a lengthy text. Before she agreed to the contrast, Sakshi claimed that the creators of a Netflix show made false promises to her in her note. She described how the producers made her perform s*xual tasks under duress, which she felt was quite embarrassing. She also made reference to her fashion choices, saying that even though she wore daring clothing, the dirt still bothered her.

Sakshi added a reply to her lengthy note after finishing it to elaborate on her s*xual assault. She said that the creators of the show forbade her from speaking to her mother. When Sakshi tried to call her mother, the manufacturers would steal her phone, she claimed. She said in her note that this was the last time she would put up with something like this.

When Sakshi Chopra was trolled for her bold dressing

Sakshi Chopra is frequently seen flaunting her assets in her daring attire. For example, on June 2, 2023, she was photographed posing for the camera as she entered the city. Sakshi paired a net skirt with a halter neck bralette top that had a plunging neckline for the occasion. She displayed her contours while neatly braiding her hair in the back. However, several online users mocked her savagely because of the provocative clothing she was wearing. People began comparing Sakshi to Urfi Javed as soon as images of her started trending on social media.

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