Science Says Everything on the Beach Is Good for You: the Water, the Breeze, the Sand, the Sounds, and Even the Colors


The beach can be of great emotional and physical benefit to us. If we feel frustrated, depressed or overwhelmed it is the best treatment. Besides improving our overall mental health, it can also treat skin conditions and may even help us to burn a few calories.

The water

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Ocean water is rich in many minerals that can help treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, and water itself can help with problems such as nasal drainage, sinusitis and high fever. The release of the “feel-good” hormones can also be increased: dopamine and serotonin.
Swimming in the ocean is an activity which offers great mental health benefits due to the restorative effects it has while we are in contact with nature.

The breeze

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A breeze at the ocean can help detoxify the body. We fill our lungs with negative ions while we’re at the beach which will strengthen our immune system. Such negative ions may also have an anti-depressant effect on us and can relieve seasonal affective disorder symptoms.
Following a day at the beach, the breeze helps you feel more comfortable and can help you sleep much better.

The sand

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Sand is a natural exfoliant and can slough our feet off the dead skin. Sand will also improve our wellbeing and delay ageing as we consume the electrons of the Earth while walking on it. The act of putting our feet on warm sand also gives people relaxation. Walking in the sand will help you stay fit because walking on it takes more effort than walking on a more solid field. Whether you walk or run on the beach, you end up eating more calories, too.

The sounds

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The sound of the ocean waves gives harmony and balance to the sensations. This increases the power and regeneration of the brain, as it helps us achieve a meditative state. Our brain is generally inclined to react positively to water including its sound. This has the power to improve our self-knowledge and understanding and to restore that which we believe is broken.

The colour

A study revealed that less stress is on people living with a view of the ocean. According to this study, there is a connection between health and the water and sky’s blue colour. The color blue usually makes people feel happier and more relaxed. The beach is a perfect scenario for people looking for quietness and tranquillity.