The Secrets Of Palmistry Revealed As These Lines Have Deep Impact In Our Life


Well, there are the majority of people who have normal lines whereas there are some who has rare lines on their palms which indicate something in our life that may have a deep impact in our day to day life. Some may say it’s superstitious but sometimes we do follow these things which are either true.

Take A Look At Both The Palms

Well, palmistry is still famous where people try to always read other people’s hand but some find it funny and don’t believe it so here has a lookout: If you are interested in this just bring your hand together and join them and take a look at both of your palms.

See It For Yourself

If the lines don’t align together symmetrically then it means you tried everything on yourself but fail to do so try to work harder on you that will change definitely.

Four Important Lines- Heart Line

There are four types of lines that are important in our life is heart life, headline, Fate line, lifeline these things can describe the actual future, past and present life of yours. 1. Heartline – If it starts from your side finger to below the index finger then your love life is happy. However, if it ends with the middle finger then it means your selfish lover while if it’s somewhere between index and middle then you are easy to fall in love.

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Head Line

If your headline is short then you are more into physical activities than intense thinking. If it’s straight and has all the way all your palm than you are logical and straightforward. If there are crossroad like formations it says your life’s important decision you have to make.

Life Line

It will not tell you that how many years you have in your life and if you have more than one lifeline than you are a bubbly, vibrant person. And if it’s curvy that you are a strong person.

Fate Life

This is a line that is running straight across the middle of your palm and crossing all the other lines and connects everything. If it’s deep or straight than it indicates a successful career and faint line indicates job dissatisfaction. If it connects the middle finger to the lifeline then you are a person who will compromise.

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