Self-Divorce – How to File for Divorce by Myself?

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The divorce process is going to drain out your soul and your pockets if you don’t handle it properly. Everyone strives to make the end of the marriage the least painful, wasteful but the most beneficial for themselves. So, it is evident that a DIY divorce is a popular option these days. Although you have to put in decent efforts to perform every operation on your own, you can terminate your marriage in the cheapest possible way in the end. The core thing to discover about self-divorce – how to file for divorce with no paid assistance. Check out the details and do everything without extra experts or financial waste involved.

The Best Option for You

Before you go after online divorce in Wisconsin and start piling up the relevant docs on your own, it is vital to realize whether this option is the best for your case.

All in all, you can easily select a self-divorce providing that:

  • you are not in any kind of abusive relationship and your kids are safe in your family;
  • you can easily divide your property, allocate debts, etc.;
  • you have discussed a co-parenting plan with your spouse;
  • you have come to terms with all the related issues with your soon-to-be-ex.

This all means that you are ready for an uncontested divorce. You and your spouse are to drift apart peacefully, and you will follow the post-divorce regimens you have agreed on earlier. This is a situation when the self divorce is as easy as 1 2 3, and you manage to gather, fill out and file the papers in no time.

Dealing with the Local Law

Jumping into do-it-yourself divorce is only possible after you research the local law. Most states have nothing against couples getting divorced by themselves, but the requirements differ from state to state. As a result, it is strongly recommended to consult a local family law office, online help, or other experienced divorcees, before you initiate a DIY process. This will eliminate unexpected unpleasantries later.

Gathering Papers

Once you are hundreds of percent sure that self-divorce is your preferred option, it is time to collect documents and fill out forms. The top common question people ask at this stage is ‘Where can I get divorce forms?’. The sources are numerous and it all depends on how much assistance you need. If you are after the required forms, you can easily find them in the next places:

  • in the local court office;
  • on the official website of the local court office – they are usually printable and complemented with guides;
  • on the trustworthy online platforms – together with anytime assistance and detailed instructions on how to fill out the form;
  • from your attorney – yet it won’t be a DIY divorce anymore.

Commonly you are required to fill out the divorce petition and add any other necessary docs containing your personal data and marriage and divorce details.

Consulting a Specialist

No matter how much you want to do everything by yourself, how cheap you want your marriage termination to be, how confident you are about your decisions, it is vital to realize that divorce is not only about changing your family status and being busy with the process for several months. Instead, the end-of-marriage outcomes predetermine the conditions and lifestyle you will have long after you get divorced.

That is why it is significant to consult a divorce specialist, a financial advisor, a family counselor at least once. The thing is that knowing how to file your divorce is not enough. You need the experts to find out how to make the results top beneficial for you and your family and make your split guarantee you the best conditions for your happiness.

Filing for Divorce

Once you get the papers ready and reviewed by specialists, you can pass them to the local family law office. The docs are checked there and you are directed to the next step on your way to the end of your marriage.

Besides, you can file a divorce petition together with a divorce settlement agreement form. The latter doc enlists all the agreements you have come to together with your spouse, regarding assets and debts division, custody, alimony, and more. You can file this form later, but this way you will save your time and effort providing that you have agreed on all the necessary points.


All you need to know about self-divorce – how to file the papers, whether this is your best option, and whether you need an expert to assist you. The moment you have decisions made, there is no point to postpone but initiate the termination of relationships and heading to your new happy life without extra waste and remorse.