Top 10 Sexiest Bald Men of 2023, According to Study (Vin Diesel Has Been Dethroned)


Considering the golden ratio and other factors such as height, net worth, and public perception, a study has found the most attractive bald men in the world. These men were assessed on a scale of 1 to 10, and while some can’t agree more with the list, some people have criticized it.

Reboot, an SEO agency, conducted a thorough study to find the most attractive bald man among 20 celebrities. In addition to the factors mentioned above, the study also considered facial features, cranial shine, vocal attractiveness, and online search interest for terms like “shirtless.”

The celebrities’ height and net worth were recorded, and their facial features were examined using computer vision algorithms. The brightness of each celebrity’s head was calculated as a proportion of a typical 60W lightbulb. Vocal attractiveness was calculated using Praat software and voice analysis, with a benchmark of 96 Hz. It was also considered how popular each celebrity’s shirtless or nude photos were online. By combining all of these elements, a comprehensive index score of 10 was produced. According to the study’s findings, the top ten hottest bald males are listed below.

10th place — Terry Crews

9th place — Shaquille O’Neal

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8th place — Shemar Moore

7th place — Dwayne Johnson

6th place — Michael Jordan

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5th place — Jeff Bezos

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4th place — Samuel L. Jackson

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3rd place — Jason Statham

2nd place — Vin Diesel

1st place — Prince William

Prince William came in sixth place the previous year. Are you curious as to who won the title of sexiest bald man? View the list by clicking this link.

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