Shah Rukh Khan Gives Perfect Reply To Fan Who Asks ‘Cigarette Pine Chaloge Kya?’


Bollywood, the largest film industry in the world, has a lengthy history and has produced several famous people. Shah Rukh Khan stands out among them as an icon whose influence has transcended borders and captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Khan has established himself as the international face of Indian cinema thanks to an illustrious career spanning more than three decades.

Because of his romantic on-screen character, Shah Rukh Khan is a romantic icon. His range as an actor, though, is unmatched. Throughout his career, he has fearlessly taken on a number of parts, showcasing his acting prowess in a range of genres. Khan has proven his ability to delve deeply into characters and deliver fascinating performances, whether playing the villainous anti-hero in Baazigar or the complex protagonist in Swades.

SRK, who we all adore, is currently commemorating 31 years in the business. It goes without saying that he is enjoying this milestone in his unique way with his supporters as well. He participated in a special Ask SRK session on Twitter for a whole 31 minutes to mark the occasion.

Unsurprisingly, this most recent Ask SRK session resulted in a lot of amusing banter between him and his supporters. Similarly to this, Shah Rukh’s response to a fan’s query about his bag habit went viral online. This is what transpired:

Shah Rukh Khan responded to a fan who asked him to accompany him for a cigarette

A fan used the opportunity to pose a risky query to Shah Rukh Khan at the Ask SRK session. Shah Rukh Khan is a well-known chain smoker, for those who are unaware. Given this information, the fan enquired as to if they might ever have the opportunity to share a cigarette. The fan wrote in to ask,

“Sath me cigarette pine chaloge kya @iamsrk sir ??? (sic)”


Responding to this, SRK wrote,

“Main apni buri aadatein akele hi karta hoon!”

His astute response quickly becomes popular online. Many comments emphasised that his admission will make headlines in the media. He was asked by others if they might adopt his nasty behaviour. It goes without saying that the dialogue is now widely known. His statement demonstrated both his tact in managing such situations and his commitment to taking responsibility for his choices.

Another time, SRK discussed his method for overcoming adversity and pursuing achievement from an intelligent viewpoint. He claimed that accepting optimism and dealing with the negative may be reduced to two straightforward ideas.

After the successful debut of “Pathaan,” SRK is gearing up for the release of his eagerly anticipated “Jawan.” Khan also has the Rajkumar Hirani-helmed comedy-drama “Dunki,” which will be released around the 2023 Christmas season.