Shark Tank India fame Aman Gupta’s bungalow in Delhi is luxurious and elegant; see photos


01/8 Shark Tank India fame Aman Gupta’s bungalow in Delhi is luxurious and elegant

Following his stint as a judge on Shark Tank India, entrepreneur Aman Gupta’s reputation has skyrocketed. While many are familiar with his public demeanour, his family and lifestyle have piqued the interest of show watchers. Take a look at his Delhi Bungalow, which is as opulent as they come.

02/8 Living room

Photo: Instagram

In their living room, Aman is seen with his daughter. It’s done in a lovely neutral palette. Brown tones are used on the sofa and the table.

03/8 Elegant rooms

Photo: Instagram

Aman is also a dedicated family man. His home likewise appears to be very practical. There appears to be plenty of seating, as well as smart doors and windows.

04/8 Pretty sitting room

Photo: Instagram

Aman’s wife and their two children can be seen here. Beautiful fresh flowers adorn the house, and floral pillows on the sofa bring liveliness to the space.

05/8 Outer space

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There is plenty of greenery and space to sit and unwind in the open area. It is unquestionably a fantastic area to spend time with family and friends.

06/8 Aman with his wife in the outer lawn

Photo: Instagram

On a celebration, Aman and his wife might be seen dressed up. The plant potters add to the vibrancy of the outer space.

07/8 Aman’s children unwinding

Photo: Instagram

Aman’s two children are seen relaxing on the bed with a book. They appear to be reading and absorbed in the task.

08/8 Aman having a whale of a time

Photo: Instagram

Aman is an outgoing individual who enjoys having a good time. With his wife and children, he appears to be in a good mood.