9 Signs a Person Likes You Even If You Don’t Think So


You don’t have to be direct and ask someone how they feel about you right away to figure out how they feel about you. It’s enough to pay greater attention to this person’s body language. Their body language can disclose a lot about who they are.

A person likes you if they try to remove all of the objects that are physically positioned between you and them.


We try to reduce any physical boundaries between us when we communicate with someone we admire. It also works in the opposite direction. In this situation, obstacles might be anything from cups to plates to purses to pillows.

If someone places their glass between the two of you, for example, there is usually no romance or friendship in your connection. Similarly, if a woman talks to a man while holding her luggage in front of her, she is unlikely to become closer to him.

Everyone’s personal space is sacred. And as we grow closer, people want to be liked by us.

People subconsciously desire to be physically closer to individuals they like while keeping their distance from those they despise. This pattern of conduct is linked to the need to defend our personal territory against “predators,” which was frequent in ancient times.

Tilting the head toward the individual or turning the body to face them are signs that this person isn’t uninterested in the person with whom they’re conversing.

When you’re chatting to someone, take a look at their feet. The direction in which they point could indicate a great deal.


When it comes to body language, the direction in which the feet are pointing is one of the most reliable indicators. When someone is chatting to someone else while pointing their feet at you, they are subconsciously trying to grab your attention. It’s fascinating that this sign usually comes first: a person moves their feet toward the person they like first, and then all other displays of sympathy follow.

Raised brows aren’t merely a sign of surprise.

When you greet someone who likes you, they raise their eyebrows involuntarily. The more they like you, the higher their brows will be raised. However, this move is barely noticeable and easily overlooked.

Someone sitting or standing near you may be attempting to catch your attention by maintaining their back exaggeratedly straight.


When men are conversing with a lady they admire, they prefer to keep their backs straight or even slightly tilted. This way, a person may show off all of their best characteristics while still becoming taller. But at first sight, it may seem like they’re trying to distance themselves from you.

Pay attention to the person who pays you insincere compliments.

Many individuals don’t give compliments to people they admire for one simple reason: they believe you’re already flawless and don’t need to be reminded.

When they do give you a compliment, though, it comes out as forced and even fake. When someone believes you know you look good, they become uneasy and start saying ridiculous things.

Pay attention to the position of the person you’re walking with when you’re out and about.


From a psychological aspect, if someone walks in front of you, it indicates that they are more concerned with themselves than with you. Someone may like you if they walk behind you. However, if they walk alongside you and at the same pace as you, it’s a solid sign that they like you.

Keep track of how often a person blinks.

When a person doesn’t like the individual with whom they’re conversing, they subconsciously close their eyes. The eyelids operate as a kind of barrier, keeping this person at bay. A person will blink less frequently if they like you.

In front of the lady they want, men try to appear invulnerable. However, their hand position may reveal some information about them.


In front of the women they like, guys are more prone to disclose their vulnerabilities. Keeping their hands on their hips while opening their stomach is one method to quietly convey their weaknesses. This posture may appear haughty and even menacing, but it usually signifies only one thing: someone is inadvertently attempting to convey that they are open to you.

Have you ever noticed the gestures you make when you’re around someone you like?