10+ Times Someone’s Ordinary Day Turned into Something Special


A woman who was cutting cabbage when she discovered Yoda’s face inside, a girl who gave birth to her baby while driving to the hospital, or a man who lost his finger and then discovered his wedding band 20 years later. These are just a few examples of how an enlightening event may brighten up a mundane day.

Good news and hopeful scenarios that appear when we least expect them are always welcomed here. Today, we discovered 14 folks who awoke one morning and were surprised by the luck of the draw. We’d like to invite you to share in their good fortune with us.

“I was cutting cabbage when I came across Yoda!”

© Affectionate_Tap_532 / Reddit

“My grandfather lost his finger 50 years ago, and today my uncle used a metal detector to find his wedding ring.”

© Assile69 / Imgur

“Today on GMA, my mother saw my doppelganger.”

© mycatislanakane / Imgur

“In Poland, I saw this ‘willy brush,’ and it had my twin on it.”

© geodudeisarockstar / Imgur

“After our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, the universe decided to spare us this time. “We’re having twins!”.

© thefriendlymalenurse / Imgur

“For the first time in my life, I wore a two-piece bathing suit – 1 year, 109 pounds lost.”

© halesxmarie / Imgur

“I thought I’d misplaced my girlfriend’s cat until I spotted him!”

© Just_some_n00b / Reddit

“Today, my daughter received a puppy.”

© Eddieq / Imgur

“So, my pals discovered a man on campus who looks exactly like me.” I’m half Afghan, half German, and he’s half African-American.”

© hamazing / Reddit

“We discovered the long-lost brother of my dog!”

© indignentshrew / Imgur

“I found a lost baby owl on my doorway.”

© CarnationZimbe / Imgur

“I discovered this little creature in my daughter’s sweater.”

© Lonobot / Imgur

“In the desert, I lost my dog, and this guy discovered him and returned him to me.”

© SarafinaNance / Imgur

“In the automobile, in her driveway, my sister gave birth to her kid.”

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What was the most memorable chance encounter or surprising discovery that made you say, “Wow!”?

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