Sona Mohapatra Exposes Vishal Dadlani & Anu Malik, Remarks ‘Paisa Kamaake Desh Se Nikalna Hai’


Renowned singer Sona Mohapatra has expressed her dissatisfaction with composer Vishal Dadlani’s attitude in the ongoing issue over the reported brawl at Chandigarh between Bollywood actress-turned-MP Kangana Ranaut and a CISF constable named Kulwinder Kaur.

It is said that Kaur smacked Kangana at the airport during the Thursday incident. It is said that a disagreement over Kangana’s remarks regarding farmer protests in India was the cause of the altercation.

Mohapatra chastised Dadlani on Twitter for his backing of Kaur, pointing to the actor’s previous relationship with Anu Malik, an alleged s*xual offender. Mohapatra wrote in her tweet, “The ‘spine’ includes sitting next to a multiple accused serial molester like Anu Malik on the judge’s seat and when colleagues like me to call him to stand up, speak up, help push back this toxic culture of reality shows, saying paisa Kamaake desh se nikalna hai..such a gem I tell you.”

In addition to expressing her dissatisfaction with Dadlani’s backing of Kaur, Mohapatra’s tweet raised awareness of the larger problem of toxic culture in the entertainment sector. Her reference to Anu Malik, who has been accused of s*xual harassment on numerous occasions, serves as a reminder of the significance of holding people responsible for their acts and speaking out against injustice.

Notable for his work as a judge on reality programmes and as a composer, Vishal Dadlani has not yet responded to Mohapatra’s comments.

What Was Said About Kulwinder Kaur by Vishal Dadlani?

Vishal posted a video report about the event on his Instagram Stories with the following caption: “Although I oppose violence, I understand the anger this @official_cisf staff is feeling. I promise to offer her a job if she wants one if her actions have consequences. Happy Hind, Jai. Salutations, Jawaan. Salutations, Kisaan.

Sona Mohapatra Exposes Vishal Dadlani

The incident surrounding the slap at Kangana Airport has generated a lot of talk and discussion. Some have denounced the purported assault on Kangana, but others have backed Kaur, claiming her right to free speech.

Mohapatra’s vocal critique of Dadlani’s position adds another dimension to the continuing conversation surrounding the incident and poses significant queries regarding integrity and accountability in the entertainment business as the controversy develops.